Tips from Regina – Lesson 96, Salvation comes from my one Self

The most important thing about today’s lesson is that we continue to practice looking at awareness for 5 minutes every hour. When we can’t do that, we at least say today’s lesson to our self and practice Bentinho’s 2-5 seconds. This practice of looking at awareness frequently is much more helpful than you may imagine. Literally, your salvation (awakening) comes from paying attention to your Self (awareness).

Remember, you are praying for whatever you pay attention to. We learned this in NTI Ephesians. Pay attention to the world and your thoughts about it, and you get more of the ongoing dream script. Pay attention to awareness, and you will come to know your true Self as a direct experience. (Salvation comes from my one Self.)

There are some other fun little games you can play that will help bring Self-realization into your experience.

~ When you are with another person, contemplate their awareness. No matter what they are saying or doing, contemplate the fact that underneath personality and individual thoughts, their awareness is exactly the same as yours.

~ When you are with a pet, contemplate its awareness. Notice as your pet looks out of its eyes. Realize the awareness looking out through the pet’s eyes is the same awareness that looks out through your eyes.

~ When you are with nature, contemplate life. Contemplate the aliveness in a tree, an insect, a bird, a flower, grass, etc. Realize that the aliveness in nature is the same life-force that is in you, and then contemplate Life as what you are.

Today’s workbook lesson says, “Spirit makes use of mind as means to find its Self expression. And the mind which serves the spirit is at peace and filled with joy.”

As you look at awareness, contemplate awareness, and contemplate life, you will come to see life-awareness-intelligence as what you are. This is what the Course calls spirit. You will come to see it as playing through the human body and mind just like the air from the musician’s breath plays through the flute. Seeing yourself as life-awareness-intelligence playing through the human is much different than thinking you are the human, the body or the mind. When you see in this way, you know the difference between the real and unreal. You also see your Self in other people, in animals, and in nature. You begin to sense your eternal ongoing nature, and you experience happiness that unattached; happiness that simply is.

Today as we practice “Salvation comes from my one Self,” embrace every opportunity to contemplate our one Self, and “you lay another treasure in your growing store” of Self-realization.

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