Tips from Regina – Lesson 92 Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

Yesterday we saw that the miracle is what you are, and light is awareness. Your truth is known in awareness. Today we learn what strength is. Strength is the natural beneficence of awareness. Beneficence and awareness are one.

The idea that you are a body in a world of other bodies is false. In today’s workbook lesson, this idea is called “weakness.”

The best way to overcome the “I am a body” weakness is by focusing attention on awareness (strength). As one pays attention to awareness, the sense of true Self grows stronger. As the sense of true Self grows stronger, the idea “I am a body” begins to fade.

This is why we practice awareness-watching-awareness meditation as part of our daily practice. Today’s lesson gives us two 20-minute opportunities to practice awareness-watching-awareness meditation.

Today’s lesson also introduces a new opportunity to pay attention to awareness, a method that can be practiced throughout the day everyday no matter where you are or what you are doing.

If you pay careful attention to yourself, you will see when you believe “I am a body.” Some of the symptoms of this belief are judgment, condemnation, fear, attack, self-hatred and a sense of being separate from everyone and everything outside of your body.

Today’s lesson asks us to shift our attention from that weakness (“I am a body”) to strength (awareness). We are asked to repeat today’s workbook lesson to our self throughout the day today. To really maximize the benefit, it is helpful to linger for a few seconds after repeating the workbook lesson. Simply linger in a relaxed state and notice awareness (isness, aliveness).

Since this is an important new practice, here’s a short video that teaches how to do that:


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