Tips from Regina – Lesson 91, Miracles are seen in light

What is the miracle?

Today’s workbook lesson says, “The miracle is always there.” The miracle in this context is what you are.

What is light?

Light is awareness.

“Miracles are seen in light” means: Your truth is known in awareness.

Today’s workbook lesson also says, “To you, then, light is crucial. While you remain in darkness, the miracle remains unseen.”

The ego thought system is darkness. While we remain focused on the ego thought system, we are not aware of truth. We are not aware of what we are.

When today’s workbook lesson is contemplated deeply, we see why awareness-watching-awareness meditation is so important to our daily practice. When we are focused on awareness in meditation, we are paying attention to our Self.

In all honesty, most of our time on any given day is focused on darkness. Most of our time is focused on the ego thought system. We are typically absorbed in it, mesmerized, hypnotized, dreaming away. But when we sit down in awareness-watching-awareness meditation, we are concentrated in reaching for our Self. This practice is “crucial” for us.

One of the best ways to focus attention on awareness and to learn to concentrate attention on awareness is Self-inquiry. This is the practice of learning to ask, “What am I?” and then LOOKING to observe the answer (rather than thinking about the answer).

Today’s workbook lesson is an introduction to Self-inquiry. As we move through gentle healing together, Self-inquiry is a practice that will be practiced more and more. However, Self-inquiry is a means to awareness-watching-awareness. Awareness-watching-awareness is the primary practice. Awareness-watching-awareness is the direct path to Self-realization. It’s important to see this, because then our practice time will be more focused on what is most important.

There are two more things I’d like to point out about today’s workbook lesson, and then I will leave you to your practice.

1 – Today’s workbook lesson says, “Your efforts, however little they may be, have strong support.” This points to the quantum leaps that we can expect as we dedicate our selves to our purpose and our practice. When we combine intention with action (spiritual practice), we call out to our true Self with a power that the mind cannot fathom, and the true Self answers. This answer to our call is certain. We simply need to put out the call.

Do your part to the best of your little ability, and the true Self will do its part, and its ability is way beyond yours. Prepare to be amazed.

2 – Today’s workbook lesson says, “Faith goes to what you want, and you instruct your mind accordingly.” This points to the importance of developing the visualization plan you’ve been asked to develop this week. We will use our visualization plans in coming weeks. So if you haven’t set special time aside for deep contemplation and asking in order to develop this plan, please do. It is very important, for the purpose of calling forth the power of the Self, which is the power of, the power behind and the power beyond the entire Universe. As NTI Revelation, Chapter 1 says:

“You will never be asked to take a single step alone, but you must always be willing to take the lead by deciding the purpose and calling it out to Us.”

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