Tips from Regina – Lesson 87

As mentioned in yesterday’s tip, discouragement is of the ego. It is a very successful ego trick, because it can lead us to let go of the practice that awakens.

Today I would like to share several quotes from masters. These quotes all make the same point: Complete awakening is possible for you if you make it the priority in your life.

From Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“The desire to find the Self will surely be fulfilled, provided you want nothing else.”

Questioner: How is the person removed?
Maharaj: By determination. Understand that it must go and wish it to go; it shall go if you are earnest about it.

“Try. One step at a time is easy. Energy flows from earnestness.”

“The mind will rebel in the beginning, but with patience and perseverance it will yield and keep quiet.”

Questioner: I have tried many times and failed.
Maharaj: Try again. If you keep on trying, something may happen. But if you don’t, you are stuck.

“All will come as you go on. Take the first step first.”

From The Supreme Yoga Vasistha:

“One should never yield to laziness but strive to attain liberation, seeing that life is ebbing away every moment.”

“Constantly seek to discover the supreme peace.”

“By their own self-effort millions of beings have attained liberation.”

“The wayfarer does not despair at the sight of the long road ahead but takes one step at a time.”

“By persistent effort the impossible becomes possible.”

From The Way of Mastery, Chapter 10:

“The point of all of this is simple. I want to convey to you, yet again, that the life I lived as a man was not unlike your very own. … If there be anything that I can give unto you, it is simply this: … I have overcome the world.”

“You are the one who decides.”

“All of your mind, all of your energy, all of your gifts, all of your very awareness must become committed to being the presence of peace.”

“The wisest of students are those that hear the word and put it into practice, diligently, for themselves.”

“But I can promise you, if you will take up such a path – simply, joyfully, gently, patiently – the end of your journey is certain.”

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