Tips from Regina – Lesson 82

Earlier this week someone, presumably Syria’s president Assad, ordered a chemical attack on civilians/terrorists (depending on who is telling the story). In America, we saw images of the children affected in the attack. Last night US President Trump ordered an attack on a Syrian airbase. Russia, Iran and Syria say the US attack was “naively pulled behind a false propaganda campaign.”

An 11-year old boy hung himself because his girlfriend and her friends pulled a prank on social media saying she killed herself. (Clearly he was pulled in by a false propaganda campaign.)

North Korea’s nuclear missile campaign is increasing. Their leader has been willing to execute his own family members, so there is little to no trust that he will be responsible with nuclear weapons. His goal is to obtain the capability to strike the US.

A maid, who had been cleaning windows outside of a high-rise apartment, slipped. She held on to the windowsill and screamed desperately for help. Her employer thought it was funny. Instead of helping, she grabbed a smart phone to video it. The terrified maid fell. The employer walked over to the window to finish the story on video by showing her lying about 15-20 floors below. (Amazingly the maid survived.)

A Michigan woman, age 41, was arrested for choking a high school girl at Disney World on Wednesday night for blocking her view of the Disney fireworks show.

These are just a few of the stories in the news this week. The sad thing is, there are many, many, many more stories like them that we will never hear about. These aren’t just stories ‘out there.’ These stories are the affect of the ego thought system.

Buddha’s motivation for letting go of ego was the desire to find the end to suffering. His own suffering didn’t motivate him. Personally, he didn’t know suffering. He was motivated by compassion for others.

Jesus said his life was a ransom for many. Could he have had the same motivation as Buddha?

Can we look at the suffering and terror that is caused by the ego thought system, and like them, choose to let go of it?

Please take a moment to listen to this song today. And thanks for any effort that you put into letting go of the ego thought system in your mind. It is a gift to all of us.

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