Tips From Regina – Lesson 49, God’s Voice Speaks to me all through the day

Part 1 of 2

God’s Voice is silent. It communicates with no words at all. We ‘hear’ God’s Voice more as an intuitive feeling. An example of God’s Voice is the feeling ‘all is well.’ When we feel ‘all is well’ under all circumstances, we are listening to God’s Voice consistently.

God’s Voice prompts us in daily life, if we are willing to ‘listen’. It may come through as a feeling that ‘I don’t need to do anything’ about a particular situation; ‘I can wait’ or have patience. It may come through as a feeling that ‘it is best if I say nothing now’. Or it may come through as a feeling that ‘it is best if I say this particular thing now’. It may come through as awareness, noticing that ‘I am listening to an out-of-control mind now’ and a reminder to breathe and shift attention, etc.

The brain has the ability to translate God’s silent Voice into your language, which means you can hear God’s Voice as words/thoughts. This may or may not happen for some individuals. It may happen sometimes but not all of the time.

When I first became a scribe, my experience was listening to a Voice (a thought stream that did not seem like my own). It was like taking dictation. I would simply listen and write what I heard. However, as I became a more experienced scribe, I noticed that I was feeling the Voice and my brain was selecting the words that would best communicate what I felt. I could sense the silent communication and had full understanding of it before the brain supplied the words.

I am sharing this so you will be open to ‘God’s Voice’ in whatever way it comes to you today. If you close your eyes for 5 minutes and have no other experience except feeling more relaxed after the 5-minute practice, you heard God’s Voice. That’s it.

I will make another post today for those of you who are beginning to scribe the inner voice with language. The ego will fight this process with doubt. I am going to share a post from 2008 when I was experiencing extreme doubt about scribing, so you can see the Voice’s response to me. It may help some of you to move through your doubts and allow the conversations with the inner Voice to continue.

Great love, Regina


Tip for Lesson 49, Part 2 of 2, Looking at doubts about scribing

Question: What about…

Ahhhh! I’m having a tough time asking this next question. It is hard because there is so much judgment and fear in my mind. I am judging the question and I am judging me as the scribe. I have a huge fear that I am just writing what I want to hear. This fear is so big that it makes me want to throw down my pen and runaway and hide. I feel it in my chest.

Before I continue, what would you share about my fear?

Answer: A scribe creates her ability to scribe. This is a creation in that it takes the formless and brings it into form. (In this way, I do not use the word “creation” in the way that A Course in Miracles uses the word. I use “creation” in the way of an artist.)

An artist creates his painting or his sculpture or his magnificent musical piece of work, but any great artist will also tell you the work was born through him. He both created it and he didn’t. He created the piece of work by allowing it to be born through him in a specific form.

The scribe does this. She allows the birth of formless into form as a specific expression through being a scribe.

Because the scribe is a partner or co-creator in the birthing of what may be considered “holy words,” she can also feel guilt or fear about these words. She can fear that her ego sometimes does the writing. She can fear she is not open enough or hearing deep enough. She can even fear that she is making up the entire scribal experience and there is no co-creation with anything divine. The latter may be the greatest fear for many people who are scribe.

The best thing a scribe can do is allow the flow of words that comes through her. She can feel the flow as it comes through at a consistent rate without a break in the flow. Trust this flow that keeps flowing like a river running downhill. It is different than thought, which is rambling and seems to fire from all directions. It is a steady flow that seems to come from one consistent source. As long as the words are coming in this flow, write down the words that you hear.

Your next question frightens you because it is a question that addresses the greatest fear that you have. You are afraid that your fear will be a block to hearing Me or that it may be your ego that answers. You are also afraid, since you fear that scribing may be a human creation rather than a co-creation with the divine…you also fear that asking this question may be exposing yourself as a fake. You’ve had this fear for a long time, and it comes up around many questions. It is time to look at your greatest fear, because it is your greatest fear that hurts you the most.

I understand that facing your doubts is difficult for you, but that is only because you fear your doubts are real. In facing them, you will learn they are not real. In willingness and readiness, and out of a pure desire to take this step, ask the question you fear to ask now. …

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