Tips from Regina – Lesson 48, There is nothing to fear

Today’s workbook lesson does not have a period of meditation. At our last Gentle Healing group meeting, I asked you to practice 5 minutes of awareness-watching-awareness meditation each morning even if the workbook lesson does not include meditation. This is a reminder of that request and, hopefully, a little bit of inspiration regarding the request.

Our reading this week is NTI James. In NTI James, Chapter 4, we are reminded, “You always receive as you have asked, … You ask from the process of creation through desire, which you give your energy to.” And then we are told, “Quietness is attentiveness.”

For most of us, the goal of Gentle Healing is Self-Realization. Yet, we have to admit that most of our attention (energy) goes to the world and thoughts about the world. That shows we still have a strong desire for illusion (and we always receive as we ask).

If we want Self-realization, we must begin to reverse what we do with our energy. We must begin to give attention to within, away from the world and our thoughts. This is the purpose of awareness-watching-awareness meditation.

Quietness is attentiveness to the Self.

By taking time and focusing attention on awareness, we genuinely ask for Self-Realization. And we ALWAYS receive as we ask.

Nisargadatta Maharaj taught that in order to realize the Self, we must overcome the obstacles of “desire for the false and fear of the true.” How do we overcome these obstacles? By our action. When we turn attention away from the world and thoughts, we are overcoming the desire for the false. When we place attention with awareness (changeless being), we are overcoming our fear of the true.

There is nothing to fear. Close your eyes and practice a bit of awareness-watching-awareness each day. In this way, you ask for Self-Realization.

Love, Regina

“Whoever recognizes that he has been desiring what he does not desire, and chooses to desire again in a new way, chooses also to save himself from a multitude of distractions in order to settle within the peace of his own Heart.” ~ NTI James

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