Tips from Regina – Lesson 44, God is the light in which I see

This is the lesson we will stay with for 3 days in order to practice awareness-watching-awareness meditation. You can see “light” and “awareness” as synonymous, because in this context, they are.

I recommend reading the workbook lesson in full at the beginning of each of the 3 days. If you are comfortable with meditating longer than 5 minutes, go ahead and meditate longer. However, there is no need to introduce strain or a sense of self-competition. Also, you can use the shorter practices to look at awareness many times during the day for 3-5 seconds.

If you would like to review the awareness-watching-awareness meditation instructions, please go to these links:

General instructions. Please read #10-52.

Further Clarification: Pleae read #1-166.

(Note: You can ignore the instructions at the above links about how long to practice. You can follow the duration instructions in the Course workbook instead.)

Love from Frankfurt, Germany

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