Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 186, Salvation of the world depends on me.

Our current goals:

  • Widen the horizons of our vision
  • Take direct approaches to uncover the blocks that keep our vision narrow
  • Lift those blocks, however briefly, in order to experience the sense of liberation that comes when the blocks are removed
  • Intensify our motivation for freedom

Today’s lesson is a reminder of how important the purpose of awakening is. The salvation of the world depends on our awakening. Although most people may not realize it consciously, they want us to awaken.

Is this true?

Yes, most definitely. Although most of the world may not consciously know it, the heart and soul of each person values awakening more than any other human accomplishment. How do we know that?

As one example, who is more revered in the hearts of most people, Jesus or Caesar Augustus? Both lived at the same time. Most people know at least a little about each man and his accomplishments. Who is loved more? Who touches people’s hearts and minds more?

You see, even though people in general are not consciously aware of it, everyone knows awakening is the most important thing a person can do in a lifetime, and everyone celebrates awakening when it is achieved.

Today’s lesson encourages us to accept awakening as the role given to us by God. Some people may think it is arrogant to think that our individual spiritual paths have such monumental importance, but this lesson points out that is confusion regarding what arrogance is and what humility is. According to the lesson, arrogance is any thought that says awakening is not our God-given function. It could be the thought that I am not worthy of awakening, or it could be the thought that there is something else I want to do. Any thought that denies awakening as my role in this lifetime is arrogance.

Humility is accepting my role with all of my heart, all of my soul and all of my mind.

Today’s lesson asks us to listen to God’s Voice that He may “reveal to us what He would have us do.” That means, listen to the part of you that is always coaching you toward awakening. It speaks to us all through the day. We just need to tap into it, so that we hear its instructions in every instant and can choose to follow them every step of the way.

There are two things that will help us hear (or feel) this Voice within us:

First, we must want to hear (or intuitively feel) this Voice over the personal thoughts in the mind.

Second, it is helpful to ask for this Voice’s guidance. Because the Voice speaks to us all through the day, we want to ask for its guidance all through the day.

A good message that helps us learn to do that is “The Purpose of Surrender” from The Teachings of Inner Ramana. That message encourages us to ask within, “What am I to do now?” throughout the day. It says that this question is a fully inclusive question, which also includes, “How shall I see this?”, “What am I to hear?”, “How shall I respond?”, etc. In other words, when we use the question “What am I to do now?” we are asking inner spiritual intuition to guide us in every aspect of our day.

Today’s lesson says, “He has Thoughts which answer every need His Son perceives.” This means that inner spiritual intuition will provide guidance for every situation we find ourselves in. In NTI Acts, the Inner Voice says:

In each circumstance and every situation along the way to Me, I am there with you, offering help and guidance. Never am I not there. Never can you make a mistake that will drive Me away. But it is also true that you can only hear My Word and accept My Help if you are willing to see that the answer to all things is Me.

If you choose to limit the circumstances in which I may help, My Help is limited. If you choose to solve your problems on your own, My answer remains unheard. Always, I am with you, able to help. Always, without exception, I am there. But you must be willing to know Me and accept Me in order to receive Me as yours.

Yesterday we inquired into our desires to discover what we truly want, and then we asked for that directly. Today, let’s remember to ask for guidance from the One who knows how to lead us to what we truly want. Let’s let that One guide in every detail of our life.

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