Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 132, I loose the world from all I thought it was

Today’s lesson is an interesting lesson. Is it implying that you should be able to heal the sick and raise the dead? Does it mean you can end wars by changing your mind? Or is the main point that there is no world at all?

I have seen many Course students give their point of view in answer to those questions over the years, but I don’t think we should get lost in those thoughts or those discussions. I feel this is the main point of the lesson and where we should focus our attention today:

“A madman thinks the world he sees is real, and does not doubt it. Nor can he be swayed by questioning his thought’s effects. It is but WHEN THEIR SOURCE IS RAISED TO QUESTION that the hope of freedom comes to him at last.”

In other words, we are not concerned with effects at all. We are not looking out to see if there is or is not sickness, war, death, etc. We are focused inward in this way:

What is the source of this thought I am thinking now? Is it ego or truth? If it is ego, I let it go because it is ego. If I can feel it is truth, I contemplate it and/or follow it, as appropriate.

If we take today’s lesson down to this basic practice, and practice it, we are doing what is intended.

It’s the ‘keep it simple’ spirit. KISS

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