Tips from Regina – Lesson 125, In quiet I receive God’s Word today

Today’s lesson tells us that God/Spirit has not waited for our return to it to give its word to us. I think it is really important for us to realize that inner wisdom has always been there; we just haven’t always been listening. In fact, often we have purposefully chosen the opposite of inner wisdom.

To the degree that we are unhappy or suffering, that is to the degree that we choose the opposite of inner wisdom.

The fact above can be painful for some people to look at with absolute honesty. Some of you who are reading this today will avoid accepting that statement as true, even though it would be really helpful if you did accept it as true. That is okay. As today’s lesson says, you are not “led by force, but only love. … not judged, but only sanctified.” However, you will find happiness sooner if you can accept the statement above.

Let me give you an example. Yesterday I was listening to Byron Katie on Awakening Together Radio. She used to be severely depressed. She said during that time she heard the inner voice tell her to brush her teeth, but she didn’t want to brush her teeth. She said she went weeks, months without brushing her teeth.

As I listened to her tell the story above, I could hear how the simple wisdom, “Brush your teeth,” was a first step in moving out of her downward spiral. But what did Katie choose? For a long time she chose to continue the downward spiral. However, finally one day she realized what she was doing, and she chose to ‘brush her teeth.’ By then she was so deep into the downward spiral that she says she had to “crawl” over to the sink to brush her teeth, but she did. And that was the beginning of the way out of depression. Katie said that now she always listens to that voice no matter what it tells her to do. She is completely surrendered to it. She is also completely happy.

Many people think it is hard to hear the voice of wisdom. I don’t think that is true. I think we simply need to begin to listen to it instead of wanting to do things our own way. When today’s lesson asks us to be still, quiet, silent, so the voice can speak, it really means we need to put our mind’s will aside and be willing to follow that intuitive voice like Katie does. The more we do that, the clearer the voice becomes.

If you would like to watch the video I just wrote about, here’s the link. The part I just shared starts at about 19 minutes and 50 seconds into the video:

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