Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 120 ~ Review of lessons 109 (I rest in God) and 110 (I am as God create me)

How to Contemplate, conclusion:

In summary, here are the keys to contemplation.

• When you contemplate the written word, read slowly and repeatedly with long silent pauses.

• Toss out your beliefs, preferences and all prior knowledge as you enter the sacred ground of contemplation.

• Listen or feel inwardly for some stirring that might be the birth of insight.

• Be like an explorer and follow what comes to see where it goes.

• Use inquiry to invite wisdom. Even “What does this mean for me?” can invite powerful personal insights.

• Reserve judgment and let the value of the contemplative experience reveal itself in its own time.

• Receive your daily bread with gratitude no matter how simple it may appear to be. Review it and practice it throughout the day. It is a step on your own personal stairway to heaven.

Regina’s Personal Contemplation of Lesson 120:

I rest in God. I rest in God and truth reestablishes itself in my mind. The gift I give is rest, rest from the overactive maze of thought, rest in the stillness of presence, openness and trust. The gift I receive is truth realization.

I am as God created me. What am I? What is changeless? What is always here? What is looking?

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