Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 113 ~ review of lessons 95 (I am one Self, united with my Creator) and 96 (Salvation comes from my one Self)

How to Contemplate, continued:

Sometimes when contemplating, the flow of wisdom begins on its own spontaneously. Sometimes the flow of wisdom begins as I focus on an inquiry. For example, let’s look at this quote:

“Who cares if you’re enlightened forever? Can you just get it in this moment, now?” ~ Byron Katie

If I am contemplating that quote, I might ask myself, “Am I over concerned with enlightenment? Has that become an obstacle for me? In what way is that an obstacle?” And then I look at myself to find the answers to the questions.

Or I might ask myself, “What is ‘it’ when she says, ‘Can you just get it in this moment, now?’” And then I remain open. I don’t use thinking to try to figure it out. I just stay with the question, open, feeling for a sense of the answer. Something may come for me to write or I may simply continue to reflect on the question throughout the day.

Today, while contemplating the review of lesson 95, questions began to arise. I will reflect on those questions throughout the day today. Something different happened when I contemplated the review of lesson 96. An image arose as I contemplated it, a symbol. That image flowed out of the questions that I asked as I contemplated lesson 95. The questions prompted the image.

We have to be willing to let ‘pointing’ come to us in whatever form it will as we contemplate, and then it is important to trust what comes. Usually, as we trust the first little bit that comes, more will follow. Today, as I wrote the first question for lesson 95, another question followed. With lesson 96, as I trusted the image of a leaf blowing across a yard, that image developed into the clarity that is written down for my reflection today.

Regina’s Personal Contemplation of Lesson 113:

I am one Self, united with my Creator. ‘Regina’ is a temporary expression, but what expresses through her? What animates this body? What lights up this world and this mind? Can I separate myself from that?

Salvation comes from my one Self. If the wind mistakes itself for the dry leaf that it blows across the yard, it may fear the homeowner’s rake. But when the wind knows itself as itself, the rake can be of no concern. Salvation comes from knowing my Self. Knowing my Self is my one function.

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