Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 107, Truth will correct all errors in my mind

Yesterday’s tip pointed out that true spirituality is based on trusting the teachings enough to engage in spiritual practice. The benefits of spiritual practice are highlighted in today’s workbook lesson.

My outward-focused ego mind sees meditation as a waste of time. I like to meditate for a minimum of one hour, and I prefer to spend two hours in meditation. To the ego, there are so many things I could be doing with that time.

Since I’ve started meditating more, my house is less clean and I have missed working out in my gym. I’d love to workout and spend more time cleaning my house, but only if life rearranges itself so I can do those things without giving up time meditating.

Why has meditation become so important? When I meditate, it seems that nothing much is happening. Attention habitually goes into thought, and I gently pull it back to focus on awareness again. After a certain amount of time, attention rests more easily with awareness, but there is still some going out and pulling back that occurs. That’s it, nothing else for up to two hours. But there’s this intuitive feeling that I have. It’s a feeling that something much more powerful is occurring. Something that is subtle to the ego, which looks for progress and tries to measure it, but something very steady and very precise.

To put it in the language of today’s workbook lesson, truth is correcting all errors in my mind as I willingly pull attention out of thought and rest with awareness to the best of my ability. I feel my small, poorly skilled effort is allowing something remarkable to take place.

And that is what today’s lesson tells us.

“It is impossible that anyone could seek it truly, and would not succeed. … Give truth its due, and it will give you yours.”

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