Tips from Regina – Comment on the homework:

Last night I said that because I love you, and because my purpose is to lead you to healing, I don’t want to encourage you to cut corners on the homework. I request that you complete all of the homework each week.

Here is some additional clarification:

Occasionally I will make suggestions for maximum benefit. For example, last night I made the suggestion that you read the Workbook Lesson in the morning and again at night. That is not homework. That is a suggestion for maximum benefit, and that is optional for you. It is similar to the language in today’s workbook lesson, “Four five-minute practice periods are necessary today, and longer and more frequent ones are urged.” The first part of that sentence is the workbook lesson assignment. The second part of that sentence is a suggestion for maximum benefit.

The homework is that which Ken types up and posts in Facebook and on under Audios, Sanctuary Highlights, Gentle Healing Group. Anything else that I might ask you to do is a suggestion for maximum benefit.

The reason I am clarifying this is because we have a ground rule that people need to complete the homework in order to share during Gentle Healing meetings. That ground rule applies to what is typed up and and posted as homework. It does not apply to the suggestions I make for maximum benefit. If you completed the posted homework but did not complete the additional suggestions, you may share during a Gentle Healing meeting.

Love, Regina

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