Timothy Conway – Awakening Together Satsang, 4/20/14

Timothy Conway – Awakening Together Satsang, 4/20/14

Timothy Conway experienced spiritual awakening when he was 16 years old, an awakening that was a sudden shift from seeing like a sixteen year old teenager who loved sports to seeing only the absolute as the absolute. He jokes that his parents thought he had started taking drugs. But what were they to think? Their son had changed dramatically in a flash. Suddenly the boy obsessed with sports was drunk with love, … in love with everything, everyone, all of the time.

After awakening, Timothy immersed himself in the study of spiritual teachings that point toward truth, which gives him the ability to speak of his experience using the language and symbols of many different teachings. He also spent time studying directly with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, who he refers to as his mentor.

Timothy’s clarity is expressed lovingly. He encourages a healthy relationship with spirituality, one that recognizes the absolute as truth yet interacts gently and compassiontately with the relative self and world.

Timothy will be one of our retreat leaders at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. His website is www.enlightened-spirituality.com. The following audio from our April 20, 2014 online Satsang with him is 2 hours long. Enjoy!

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