Three new members to the Member Board of Trustees

Please join the Board of Directors and Member Board of Trustees in welcoming Jennifer Maile Nahulu, Ken Gibson and Ted Poppe Jr to the Member Board of Trustees. Jennifer, Ken and Ted were elected by Awakening Together members to the Member Board of Trustees on July 21, 2014.

To each of the new Trustees: Thank you for your willingness to serve through the Awakening Together Member Board of Trustees.



Jennifer Maile Nahulu

Jennifer Maile Nahulu is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles and an Awakening Together Licensed Minister.  She was given ACIM in 2009 and studied alone until she began teaching it 2 years later when she found Gather radio (now Awakening Together Sanctuary). Some of her influences include Alan Watts, Byron Katie, Tool, Abraham, Terrence McKenna and Michael Tsarion.  Music is her motivation. Maile has a Science Degree, attended Metro for Communication/Graphic Design and is a certified Reiki master.  She has contributed some of her graphic design talent to the Awakening Together website. Maile also designed Awakening Together’s logo.

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Ken Gibson pix 2014

Ken Gibson

Ken’s willingness to explore spiritual and metaphysical concepts has taken him on an interesting journey over the past ten years. Some of Ken’s spiritual influences include “Disappearance of the Universe”, A Course in Miracles, Regina Dawn Akers and Brent Haskell. Inspired to be of service, Ken enrolled in Awakening Together’s Minister Preparation Program (MPP) and is an Awakening Together Licensed Minister. Ken holds an MBA from the University of La Verne and his work experience has been primarily in financial systems and international contract negotiations. In addition, he has been both a church treasurer and financial advisor.

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Theodore H. Poppe Jr.

In 1986 after a history of substance abuse that led to heroin and cocaine addiction, Ted underwent a revelatory experience which was precipitated by hearing the Voice of Jesus ask, “Are you ready yet to help me save the world?”  With this, Ted understood God was not punishing him and any pain he had caused could be undone. This led to Ted’s discovery of A Course in Miracles and several years leadership service with Endeavor Academy. Ted is the founder of Diamond Clear Vision, which publishes ACIM Sparkle Edition, the NTI audiobook, The Keys to NTI and The Teachings of Inner Ramana.

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