This Sunday in the Sanctuary ~ 6-4-17

This Sunday in the Sanctuary ~ 6-4-17

Join us this Sunday for our Weekly Gathering with Reverend Gloria Wells

Reverend Gloria’s topic will be: “Time – The Long Now”. The reading will be from ACIM, Chapter 26 – The Immediacy of Salvation. Her reader will be Meg Reinhart.

Our Weekly gathering is held every Sunday morning at 10:15am ET in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.  Join us after the Gathering for our Fellowship Time, hosted by Ken and Rebecca Gibson.


Holy Spirit Guides Audio – I Am Entitled to Miracles, 3/20/07

Please join us this Sunday, June 4th, in the Awakening Together Sanctuary at 8pm ET – 5pm PT  as we begin playing Regina’s “Holy Spirit Guides” audios in the order they were recorded.  We will play them on the 1st, 2nd and 5th Sunday of each month unless there is a special meeting scheduled.


Our June Mini-Series with Rev Regina Dawn Akers Begins This Sunday, June 4 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT

One year ago, Regina interviewed Ellie Roozdar in the Awakening Together Sanctuary. During that interview, Regina realized that all of her questions had been answered. She had no more questions to ask anyone.

Now, a year later, Regina will go through the Ellie Roozdar interview again and share the insights that have deepened within her since the original interview last May.

Listen to the Original Ellie Roozdar Interview

Donations made to support this mini-series will be given to the Awakening Together Retreat House Fundraising Campaign.

About Ellie Roozdar:

Ellie has been a happily married woman for more than 35 years. She has two beautiful children—a lovely daughter and a sweet son. She realized the true Self through committed meditation. She feels meditation is essential to Self-realization. She works with selected people who have extensive experience with meditation to help them realize the Self. She does not charge or accept donations for her service.

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