This Sunday in the Awakening Together Sanctuary – 9/18/16

Dov2David (Dov) Fishman returns as the Minister for this week’s Gathering.

Dov takes a look at “Whatever You See Is The Self” with Robert Adams.  Lyn Johnson will be the reader.  Barb Deurwaarder will be Admin.

“I-am the substratum of all existence. “I-am the screen in which the movie is being shown. “I-am the director and producer of the movie. “I-am also the actor. I play all of the parts. Therefore I will never again become confused in the picture or the screen. You should ponder these things every morning when you get out of bed, when you first wake up. Become aware of this” – Robert Adams


Satsang with Tess Hughes – 7:30 p.m. ETTess-Hughes1

Tess is the author of the book: “This above all, a journey of self discovery”. In this pre-recorded interview of Tess Hughes by Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert, Tess will discuss her own awakening and her conviction that “enlightenment isn’t just for … exotic person[s] from by-gone eras. Rather, this potential is in every one, and this is what all seekers are seeking.” In addition to discussing her own path to spiritual enlightenment, Tess shares helpful perspectives and practices for other spiritual aspirants making their own journeys.

This beautifully organized book is about the writer’s spiritual voyage, all the way to its ultimate unfolding– an end to her suffering. Throughout her story, this writer is profoundly generous, holding nothing back. She welcomes readers into a journey so sensitive, so private, that at times it feels like we shouldn’t be there; her feelings, fears, revelations, struggles, joys, confusion, delight, reflections, courage, tenacity—are all laid out in these pages so that someone else might benefit. The serious seeker will find this book, and the depth of this writer’s generosity, refreshing and uplifting. Tess not only openly reveals her own path, but continually supports and encourages ours. It is a rare read.

Common Ground Mini-Series – Awakening to Heaven – Craig Villarubia

Join us in the onlinCraigSmileSite_2e Awakening Together Sanctuary this Sunday Evening at 9pm ET/6pm Pacific for Common Ground, our Guest Teacher Mini-Series.  Our newest Mini-Series presenter is Craig Villarubia. This is the final of a three part series.

Why wait for Heaven? It is here today and awaiting only your awareness of it. Listen in on this 3 part series as we learn to awaken the mind’s natural ability to experience beyond the physical world and into the Reality of Heaven NOW. In this course we’ll explore the thought system that filters out the recognition and experience of Heaven. Learn simple practices and exercises that dissolve the veil to our inheritance to perfect peace. We’ll embark on a meditative discussion on metaphysics and the non-dual teachings of ACIM. Together we’ll journey into definition awareness, where our True identity is revealed. Our aim is to expose, weaken and undo all that fogs and distorts the experiential presence of Holiness. 
Vvisit Craig at
Course in Miracles – Enlightenment or Bust! a newly release documentary.

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If you are inspired by the current mini-series, please support the guest teacher with a donation. 100% of the donations made from this page go directly to the current guest teacher (minus the PayPal fee). Suggested donation is $2-$10 per week. Donations are tax deductible for US citizens under IRS code 501(c)(3).

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Craig’s mini-series is offered on Sunday from September 4 – 18 at 9pm ET. Since Craig is offering a 3-week mini-series, the total one-time suggested donation is $6-$30. Thank you for your generosity.

Options for listening to Craig

The Awakening Together Online Sanctuary can be accessed using information from this page.  You can listen in the Paltalk room, from our online listening link, or via recordings on our website.

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