This Sunday in the Awakening Together Sanctuary – 12-11-16

This Sunday in the Awakening Together Sanctuary – 12-11-16

Join us this Sunday for our Weekly Gathering with Reverend Jay McCormick

Rev. Jay’s topic is “The Real that Remains”.  The secret to inner growth is to meet an old condition in a new way, with the help of the inner spirit.  We can leap past the outer layers of surface personality even while fearing to do so, until all fear vanishes.  This is where we discover the Self, the true being, our true nature beyond the illusion and are moved by spirit.

The Reader will be Rev. Carrie Christiansen.  The Reading: “The Real that Remains”  Pathway #96 from “The Sufi Book of Life” by Neil Douglas-Klotz
Our Weekly gathering is held every Sunday morning at 10:15am ET in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.  Join us after the Gathering for our Fellowship Hour, hosted by Ken and Rebecca Gibson.

Speaker Spotlight on Shiryl Kaplan
“Embracing your Divine Self.”

 Shiryl will discuss how she has learned to stay and live in the NOW!

Sunday shiryl-kaplanevening at 8pm ET we will spotlight Shiryl.  Please Join us.

Shiryl Teaches weekly in the Sanctuary
Developing Trust & Listening to Your Inner Guide:
Wednesday Evenings, 7:00pm-8pm ET

Common Ground Mini-Series – Rev. Regina Dawn Akers
Please join us in the Awakening Together Sanctuary at 9pm ET – 6pm PT

Regina is sharing a 6-week mini-series called Awakening at Home. She will repeat the teaching she shared at the Awakening Together Fall Retreat. Just like at the retreat, Regina’s mini-series will be focused on awakening skills including meditation, contemplation, journaling, inquiry techniques, mind-watching and awareness. The first two programs will be pre-recorded. As usual, you can donate to support the mini-series. However, Regina has decided that donations for her mini-series will support the Retreat Center Fundraising Campaign. You can donate to Support the Current mini-series under Donate at

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