The Awakening Together Retreat Center Will Be Called the Awakening Together Retreat House

The Member Board of Trustees recently voted to change the name of the Retreat Center Fundraising Campaign to the Awakening Together Retreat House Fundraising Campaign.
The named was changed because the term “retreat center” brought up ideas like a large … possibly 25 bedroom … complex similar to the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, where we hold our annual Fall Retreat. The vision for the Awakening Together Retreat House is more modest. We envision a retreat house where guests can come for periods of quiet respite, inspiration and spiritual realization. We expect to offer some special events such as workshops and Satsangs, but the retreat house will primarily be available for personal retreats designed by your inner calling. We hope to provide a library, outdoor meditation garden, walking paths, indoor chapel, comfortable rooms, and healthy meals for a reasonable cost. Scholarships will also be available.
As of December 1, we have raised over $102,000 towards an Awakening Together Retreat House near Pueblo, Colorado. The Board of Directors has also assigned a special sub-committee to begin looking at possible properties for our Retreat House.
For complete details and to donate, click here.

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