The Awakening Together Minister Preparation Program (MPP) begins this April!

I know many of you have been waiting for this news:

We are starting MPP again beginning this April!

In this post you will have the opportunity to:

~ Register for the first class, Introduction to MPP
~ Learn the dates for the second class, True Discernment
~ Learn the class times that will be available for Phase II of MPP

This information should help you decide if now is the right time for you to begin MPP.

What will I get out of MPP?

Our Minister Preparation Program is designed to help participants:

~ Increase reliance on their own inner spiritual wisdom
~ Recognize universal truth in various spiritual teachings
~ Embrace natural, wakeful spiritual practice with ease
~ Realize unswerving clarity and discernment

The First Class – Introduction to MPP

The first class is a free 2-hour class called Introduction to the Minister Preparation Program. It is a required class for anyone who wants to be a minister. We recommend the class for everyone who wants to take the program even if they think they aren’t interested in ordination. Some people change their mind after taking this class. You will learn all about the MPP Program including costs and requirements in this 2-hour Introduction class.

Introduction to MPP will be offered on Saturday morning, April 4 from 10am to noon Eastern time. (Please adjust for your time zone.)

Register for Introduction to MPP Now

Note: You must be an Awakening Together member to register for MPP.
If you aren’t a member, click here to join.

MPP Phase I, True Discernment

After the Introduction to MPP class, you will be able to register for True Discernment. True Discernment is an eleven-week course. It will begin on Saturday, April 18. This class will also be scheduled from 10am-noon ET. The course will run through Saturday, June 27.

MPP Phase II

After you complete True Discernment, you can begin taking Phase II courses in any order. Phase II courses will be offered at three different times, and you will be able to take the class that best suits your schedule:

~ Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30 ET
~ Wednesday mornings from 10am-noon ET
~ Wednesday evenings, most likely from 7-9pm Pacific Time

How long does it take to complete MPP?

Most participants complete MPP in two years. However, you can take MPP at your own pace and may take up to five years to complete all of the requirements. You will learn a lot more about MPP and the MPP requirements in the free 2-hour Introduction course. Be sure to click the link above to register.

Click here to learn more about MPP

Love, Regina

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