Thank you, Lyn Johnson!!

Thank you, Lyn Johnson!!

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Lyn Johnson for 3+ years of service with Awakening Together as our Sanctuary Director.

Lyn began working with Awakening Together in February 2013 as a Founding Trustee. She was one of the original core team members that helped us form our Church Constitution and Policies & Procedures. When she first started working as our Sanctuary Director, she volunteered without pay. We were able to add Lyn to the payroll in August 2013, but because Awakening Together was just starting out and donations were low, we paid her very, very little. However, as your donations increased, we increased Lyn’s salary. Thanks to your donations, Lyn’s final salary was double her original starting salary.

Throughout Lyn’s time with Awakening Together, she worked tirelessly as Sanctuary Director for about 80 hours per week nearly every week. Lyn very seldom took any time off in over three years of service. This was because she loved serving you. Her passion was making sure there was something spiritually enriching for you to listen to in the Sanctuary and on the internet broadcast 24 hours per day. This was never a requirement of the job. From the very beginning, I told Lyn that we did not need to be open 24 hours a day. This service came from her heart. It was her gift to you.

Lyn was an innovator in the job of Sanctuary Director. She started many new processes including the Awakening Together Sanctuary Family Facebook Group, Awakening Together – The Greater Joining, and those lovely posts that you receive through the Daily Update each weekend, which preview the special events coming up in the Sanctuary on Sunday.

Lyn’s last day as Sanctuary Director was on Friday, September 30. However, Lyn will still be around. She has decided to remain with Awakening Together as the Musical Director for our Weekly Gathering. She is also a regular Sanctuary Speaker on Tuesdays at 7pm ET. Lyn’s replacement in the role of Sanctuary Director is Rev. Ken Gibson. He will be in the Sanctuary as ATSanctuary.

Thank you, Lyn, for all of the gifts you have given us over the years. Also, thank you for staying with us as you continue to give from your heart. We are forever in love with you.

Rev. Regina Dawn Akers

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