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Hello Everyone,

In an Awakening Together Gathering on Sunday, September 21, 2014, I announced the vision of an Awakening Together Retreat Center near Pueblo, Colorado. This retreat center is intended as a place where all can come for periods of respite, spiritual inspiration and inner realization.

The vision of a retreat center came through surrender, so the first step we can take toward the realization of this vision is to contemplate and practice surrender. Surrender will place us in tune with the melody of this vision.

With that realization, I promised to create a resource page on surrender. I added that new page to my website today. The page can be found under Audios on the menu bar. It is filled with both audios and writings on surrender.

Go Directly to the Surrender Resource Page

Love, Regina

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Pueblo Lake and the San Isabel Mountains
The vision is to have a retreat center in the country near Pueblo.

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