Start the Year with Willingness to Discover the Inner Wisdom that Lies Within You!

The introduction and quotes in this short video are focused on A Course of Miracles. However, the truth in this video about sharing and equality is not unique to A Course in Miracles. In the Bible, Jesus sent the disciples out to teach long before they were masters. Why? Because he knew that inner wisdom lies in each of us, and if we are willing to open to it, it speaks through us. That is how we learn who we are.

“This poetry. I never know what I’m going to say.
I don’t plan it.
When I’m outside the saying of it,
I get very quiet and rarely speak at all.”
~ Rumi

Some of us learn from teaching. Others learn from writing. Others learn from letting songs come through them or from making themselves available as a mentor to others. Whenever we open to spontaneous wisdom that is beyond our intellectual knowing, we learn about That which is beyond the intellect.

If we teach or write, it is best if we do not depend on our learning for our material. It is best if we teach or write from unknowing and let spontaneous wisdom arise from mysterious intelligence.
~ Take a book you haven’t read but feel called to read. Read from it in the Awakening Together Sanctuary, and let live unrehearsed commentary come through you as you read.
~ Take a quote you have not contemplated before. Don’t be afraid to take one that seems too simple to be profound or one that you feel you do not understand at all. Sit with it. Read it repeatedly. Walk away and then go back. Maybe a feeling of a few words begins to come. Start by writing just those few words. What comes as you allow something to unfold through being with this one little quote?
As we begin the Sanctuary Remodel program, we are not throwing out the baby with the bath water. Yes, we will add more guest teachers from outside of Awakening Together. Yes, we will add more interactive groups. But yes, we still want to encourage you to teach so you can be surprised by your own wisdom, … our one shared wisdom, … as it comes through you in ways you never imagined.
Email Lyn Johnson about taking time in the Sanctuary. Share from something you feel called to go into, and see what comes. Instead of sharing from what you think you know, share from something that is new and fresh for you.
If you feel more called to writing, write what comes to write as you contemplate truth, a quote or excerpt from a book, and then send what you wrote to us so we can post it on the Awakening Together Blog.
Share through the Sanctuary and the Awakening Together Blog, and learn who you are by noticing That which comes through you from beyond your intellectual learning.

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