Spirit Led Movie Watcher’s Group 2/28/16

Spirit Led Movie Watcher’s Group 2/28/16

Jacquelyn Eckert led this spirited group on Sunday evening at 8:00 PM ET.  This month’s movie was “Lovely, Still” with Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn.

Next Month our movie is “The Fisher King” with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges.  We will meet on March 27th at 8 PM ET to discuss this movie. Watch the movie and journal about your contemplation of it and come in to discuss it with the group.


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Movies are modern day parables. Watching movies with your inner guide can inform rather than just entertain you. This Spirit Led Movie Watchers Discussion Group will facilitate the participants’ ability to identify spiritual themes in everyday movies and to use movies as a way of uncovering unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.

Guided movie watching allows us to experience our world and practice forgiveness without leaving our living room! It is recommended you join with Spirit in meditation or prayer prior to viewing the movie and then journal after. Watch for common themes, for characters you like or don’t like, for situations that seem to cause discomfort or joy. Contemplate what your reactions to the movie tell you about your beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. Bring what you learn back to the group and learn from others’ movie watching experience as well. Enjoy the movie and don’t forget to watch your mind!

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