3 Responses to Sheryl Valentine speaking on brain cancer

  1. Having experienced cancer in my family with my mother’s “battle”, to which some of my family are still grieving, 20+ years later. (my brother posted something this morning on cancer surviving), it wasn’t surprising that I came upon this recording of Sheryl recently.
    Funny how the Holy Spirit knows where to point us.
    I read a facebook post from my brother and wonder what to think.
    Minutes later, I hear Sheryl.

    Is there an emoticon for truly grateful heart?
    If there is one, I’d like to plaster Sheryl’s facebook page with it.
    I am honored to hear her say “why not me? ….I can look deeper”

    After years of hearing “why me” through my mother and echoed through the family, it is a blessing to be with/listen to/join with Sheryl in the Light of Love..regardless of what it looks like.

    Thank you Sheryl! You’re right…it heals us all

  2. I’d suggest Brooke “plaster” a picture of herself all over your page. And I will plaster mine as well.
    Grateful indeed!
    Thanks Sheryl Love

  3. Hi Sheryl!
    It’s Kathy, your connection ifrom the retreat in Santa Barbara. I would love to get together. We (Tripp) live in Fullerton, and I know you are not too far away. Would love to come up and visit. The best w way to contact me is on our home phone. That number is 714-983-8307. My cell number is 714-656-5468. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Love, Kathy