Ideas That Members Shared During the Sanctuary Remodel Forum

Ideas That Members Shared During the Sanctuary Remodel Forum

Last Sunday night we held a feedback forum in the Awakening Together Sanctuary. The purpose of the forum was to discover what types of programs and study groups members would like to see offered in the Sanctuary. There were around 25 people in the Sanctuary for the meeting and at least one active participant on the radio. There was lots of interactivity in the meeting, mostly typed on the Sanctuary message board. People were engaged and sharing actively.

Participants response to Awakening Together’s Purpose & Core Values:

Regina started the meeting by going over Awakening Together’s Purpose and Core Values. Everyone present seemed to be in agreement with the purpose and values based on their written comments. They indicated they want a Sanctuary that is focused on purpose, supportive, respectful and offers teachings from different spiritual traditions, yet all pointing towards one truth.

Who was at the meeting?

There were around 25 people in the Sanctuary for the meeting. About 5 people reported that they typically do not come into the Sanctuary, but they came for this remodel forum. They also come for our Weekly Gatherings. Only about 2 – 3 people present said they are able to spend most of their time in the Sanctuary. Everyone else comes into the Sanctuary for that which interests them. Most of the people present were from the USA, and all four US time zones were heavily represented. One attendee was from Russia. There weren’t any other international members present.

Themes from the forum discussion:

  • People are interested in an improved Sanctuary calendar that lets them know more about what is happening when including what audio will be played when.
  • People are interested in more guest speakers.
  • People want teachings for all levels on the spiritual path.
  • People are interested in more ‘qualified’ teachers; people who are trained/certified in what they are teaching, have true clarity ahead of the listener, authors/scribes sharing from their own books, etc.
  • People are interested in getting clear teachers from other traditions into the Sanctuary including from the spiritual traditions taught in MPP & more
  • People are generally interested in more audios, study groups, teachings etc that are from truth teachings other than ACIM; more like MPP.
  • Overall there was enthusiasm for more purposeful interactivity.
  • Reducing the hours that the Sanctuary is open (quality over quantity) made sense to the group & to our Board Members. (e.g., Maybe Sanctuary is Closed two afternoons a week or during certain hours; Maybe Sanctuary is closed at night or only Open all night long on some nights, esp. weekends)
  • Evening is more ‘prime time’ than daytime, so it is good to focus key programs in the evening. However, there was good interest in daytime and weekends too. Very little middle of the night interest.

Read the Full Notes From the Meeting
The notes provide more specific information from the forum discussion.

Listen to the Forum Audio
The first 24 minutes (presentation of the purpose & core values) has been edited out,
which focuses the audio on the interactive portion of the meeting.

We are grateful for the enthusiastic feedback we received during this meeting. All of the information provided will be considered by a sub-committee along with inner Guidance. We will share as we begin to make changes based on this feedback. If you have additional feedback to share after reading the full notes above, Contact Us. We are excited to hear from you!

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