Rev. Ken Gibson Has Accepted the Job of Sanctuary Director

The Board of Directors offered the job of Sanctuary Director to Rev. Ken Gibson, and Ken joyously accepted.

Congratulations, Ken!

The transition from Lyn to Ken as Sanctuary Director will not be immediate. Ken lives in California, and Awakening Together is not yet authorized to have California employees. We will take the steps to become authorized in the state of California, and once that is complete, we will formally hire Ken.

In the meantime, Ken has volunteered to train with Lyn for his new job, so you will begin seeing Ken in the Sanctuary immediately. When you see him, please pass on congratulations for the new position.

Here’s a little more information about Ken:


Ken Gibson

Ken’s willingness to explore spiritual and metaphysical concepts has taken him on an interesting journey over the past ten years. Some of Ken’s spiritual influences include “Disappearance of the Universe”, A Course in Miracles, Regina Dawn Akers and Brent Haskell. Inspired to be of service, Ken is an Awakening Together Ordained Minister. Ken holds an MBA from the University of La Verne and his work experience has been primarily in financial systems and international contract negotiations. In addition, he has been both a church treasurer and financial advisor. Ken was elected to the Member Board of Trustees in July 2014.

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