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Peace I Am, To Peace I Surrender

Even though it may not seem that way, one is always surrendered. Therefore the question becomes, what am I surrendered to? Am I surrendered to who I really am, embodying that? Or am I surrendered to a whirlwind of false ideas?
In this thoughtful, devotional and fun workshop, you will get in touch with your true Self & learn how to be that. This is important, because to be is to know, so when you be your true Self, you know your true Self.

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About Regina Dawn Akers & Her Books:

Regina became a student of A Course in Miracles in April 2004. Within three months of starting the Course, she began to experience visions and dreams that educated her about the spiritual principles introduced in the Course. She learned quickly and with clarity, and she willingly practiced everything she learned.

In November 2004, Regina experienced a vision, which she describes this way:

“I saw myself in a dark cavern. There were several dark passageways leading out of the cavern, and there were people in the cavern who wanted to find their way out. I stood at the bottom of the cavern near the entrances to the passageways. I held an armful of lit candles. As people passed by me, I handed them a candle. They used the candle to guide them as they selected a passageway and started their journey out of the cavern.”

After having this vision, Regina received a message from an inner voice of clarity that asked her to write for it. It also asked her to teach. It told her that she would learn through teaching.

Regina began to write short teachings that came to her from within. She used these teachings to guide her on the path of spiritual awakening. In June 2005, the inner voice asked Regina to read the New Testament and let it interpret it for her. This lead to several months of solitude and resulted in The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI) published by O-Books of London.

After NTI was completed, Regina experienced a period of high mystical experiences followed by 18 months of deep spiritual purification. As Regina’s mind became increasingly free of selfish interpretations, there was less thinking that led to suffering and more peace. However, whenever ego-based thinking did arise, the suffering caused by that thinking was more acute than before. In January 2009, Regina sought help from within to move her beyond this stage of ups and downs. That is when the inner guide she calls “Inner Ramana” began to teach her from within, resulting in The Teachings of Inner Ramana published by Diamond Clear Vision.

Regina has been teaching from the clarity that arises from within since April 2005. Many of her teachings are available as free audio downloads on her website. Regina is also the founder of Awakening Together.

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