Nominations for the Awakening Together Board of Trustees are in Full Swing!

To all Awakening Together members:

We are now in the process of nominating members for Awakening Together’s second annual election! This summer we will elect three members to the Member Board of Trustees.

Have you nominated anyone yet?

Before a member can be placed on the ballot, they must be nominated by 10% of the membership or by the Member Board of Trustees. Right now we are halfway through the nomination process. You can see who has already been nominated by clicking here.

Once you look over the current list of nominees, consider adding yourself or someone else to the list of nominees or consider supporting a current nominee to help ensure he/she gets placed on the ballot.

Who can be nominated to the Board of Trustees?

This year a member must be a charter member of Awakening Together in order to be nominated for the Board of Trustees. Charter members are people who joined Awakening Together by October 21, 2013.

Click here for a full list of charter members

How do you nominate or show support for someone?

You may nominate yourself, someone else or show support for a current nominee by sending an email to by June 8, 2015.

Remember — If you don’t have a specific idea regarding who you’d like to nominate, it is just as helpful to show support for a current nominee since nominees need 10% of the members to support their nomination before they are placed on the ballot.

How many people can I nominate or support?

Each member may nominate or support up to three nominees since there are three seats available to be filled on the Member Board of Trustees.

For example, if you nominate one person you can support two others. Or if you nominate two people, you can support one additional person. If you don’t nominate anyone, you can show support for three different members who have already been nominated.

Click here for a full list of current nominees

Again, to nominate someone or to show support for a current nominee, send an email to: by June 8, 2015.

The Member Board of Trustees


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