No Outcome, by Chris Celine

No Outcome, by Chris Celine

Exquisite perfection that lives within time. Holy Spirit of Love that walks within time. The use of time in the world is a mystery. It’s a mystery because time being the illusion that it is, having no reality, it could be just dismissed, and almost in every way it needs to be dismissed. It needs to be dismissed as the illusion of what it is, limitation and the thought of separation. And at the same time that it is rejected as Reality, it’s allowing the Holy Spirit to harness the energy of time to be used only for Love.

In its intention to be used only to extend Love and to learn, it becomes a useful tool for the Holy Spirit. Spirit bridges between illusion and reality so that you can walk in this world and still not be of it. And the key to that choosing and to that harnessing of time is to use it only for Love. How is it possible to remember that in every moment you are in the schoolroom of Love? Is it easily forgotten? Absolutely. But the more that the intention is there to surrender time into the Hands of God, to no longer let and allow time to be the slave master, which is its every intention…but rather to be the servant of love. That every moment within time has the potential of blessing and bringing Grace and opening to miracles…every moment…that the Life Force of God is present and can be brought forth in the manifestation of Love.

Within the world it seems that there’s at least 1,000, 10,000, a million ideas about what time is for, including the belief that through time you have aged and you will become such an age that you will no longer live. But, this is the play. This is the Maya, the belief that when you look at the body you see a difference from what seems to be in time 20, 30 years ago, 40 years ago, 50 years ago…. But, in Truth, nothing has changed. Your Divine Self is as it always has been. It is not subject to aging. It can’t be subject to aging, because aging is not Reality. So, you can watch the body age, and you can adjust to the instrument that it becomes through the seeming aging, but still it has nothing to do with the Truth of who/what you are.

Only how this vehicle that is moving through time can look to be slowing down, or look to be wiser with age. But the true wisdom has always been in your Heart, and your eternal Self has always been your Heart. The beautiful place of Peace is the realization that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, for sure. This temporary identity will be as deep a learning as each Beloved is willing to have it be. It is the perfect moment, and this life time, this life time, time in life is the golden Grace of God that brings illumination and perfection to your awareness where you embrace your timeless, divine spirit. And, in this life time, you can embrace that you will never be concerned again about this life time or any life time. All the life times will just disappear because they were not the Truth. And the Divine Holy Spirit that lives within you that is your Divine Self will come forward and be the authentic Self that you truly are…perfect in every way. Not perfect as in good, not according to some ideal or identity that’s been made through rules of being a good person. But the actual Light of the universe, the innocence of all creation, the Wisdom of God available because you live in God, as God, with God. Embrace that divine spirit.

Ask of the Holy Spirit to commune in that spirit oneness. To commune is actually very natural, but it’s just been forgotten. It’s being re-learned, re-met. It would be like coming from a past life of being a dancer, and in this life time you have no remembering of being a dancer but every time you hear music, it begins to move within you and there’s a slight memory of that dancer, and so it is with the Holy Spirit’s memory. The memory of being as this Divine Spirit is there, and every time you hear/feel the words of Love, the extension of Love is touched, it stirs the spirit within you. You remember.

It is truly helpful/necessary to drop into that quiet, still space. When you drop into that quiet, still space, the mind that has been running non stop…you can hear it screeching as it tries to stop or slow down. But, bring patience/trust that the screeching will stop. Wait for the ego mind to settle down as you don’t give it any attention. And, just wait. Wait in trust. Wait in patience without any expectations of what will reveal itself. Not trying to check in ahead so that you can kind of know what’s coming. But, actually, it’s most helpful to not know, because then the mind can’t form any ego ideas of what may come and already formulated and limit anything. So, the more you just wait patiently…in a way, like you would be waiting for a bus. You can stand and wait for a bus and enjoy/embrace the moment and be in the moment or you can let the mind run and think about every 10 seconds, “when is that bus going to come? I don’t like this.” But, that doesn’t bring the bus any quicker. And, in that waiting place of communion, it’s just no longer listening to the mind saying, “what’s going to happen here, what’s going to reveal itself, what’s it going to look like?” All this thinking is fear!

Instead, just peacefully trusting and just allowing the wait. And, nothing, or what seems to be nothing shows up, then within that pearl of what seems like nothing showing up there is a beautiful trust that blesses your heart. Not looking for evidence, but trusting that the Power of God, that everything’s in perfect orchestration. And you don’t know what the healing needs to look like, but, you’re putting yourself truly into the Hands of God and trusting all unfolding.

There is a genuine beauty in that place of stillness and quiet. It’s somewhat like sitting in an easy chair with no agenda and remaining open, but without any expectation, just open. And then that openness becomes more of a natural place. And the openness even starts to go with you into the everyday, even when you’re not sitting in an easy chair quietly, the openness is there. That space where nothing seems to be occurring, it is an exquisite place, and it’s actually very filled with learning. It’s just letting all the mind sit off to the side. Just patience. Just trust. You will never be left without what is absolutely perfectly orchestrated for you. That is the great gift of patience/trust.

Everyone in the world is trusting something, but mostly what is being trusted is the “me” and the thoughts and the ideas. But, you’re turning, you’re turning from that old trust that only said “I can be guaranteed that there will be a problem coming along soon.” Instead, no more problems. Just trust this moment, trust God. Switch your allegiance from the trust of the thoughts and habits to trusting the Power of God’s Grace. When this moment with trust, with patience, affirming that only Love exists, and affirming the devotion to that silent, quiet communion, affirming this sanctuary is filled with Love it is because the universe is all Love. In the silence of Love, affirming the willingness to follow. One Heart.

This prayer is a prayer that definitely could be used and sung as the silence starts to be met, because of the intention, teach me to open my heart. Because you truly want that divine teaching, it is always given.

[sings] Teach me to open my Heart
To those who come here to be healed.
Teach me to open my Heart to this love
To heal all this pain of this world.
We have strayed from the love of our Father,
And wandered in pain since our birth.
It was Jesus who came here to save us all
To release all the pain here on Earth.
Oh my mother the Queen of the Sea,
It’s your Love that I feel inside me.
Teach me to love from the depths of my Heart
To heal all the pain that I see.
My father is here with his Love
He knows how to care for us all.
He loves everyone who has come to this call
All those who have answered his call.
Teach me.
Here, here I am, declaring the Love within my heart.
Here I want to affirm the Love of our Divine Mother.
I’m here forever to Love.
Here in this school of Love, I’ve come to give thanks to all Divine Beings.
Within the Light of our Divine Mother,
I’m here to praise, praise the Truth of Love itself
And to never aggrandize myself.
I’m small with the size of Love, in my mind where I’ve lived.
But within this true Light, I am the fullness of Love.
To love together with all Beloveds, all of us together praising God.
Here within this power we have come to give thanks
To all Beloveds and to our Father and our Mother
For the healing that is being received within the heart.
We praise and give thanks.

Here I am, declaring the Love within my Heart. You don’t need anyone witnessing that declaration. Sometimes there are Beloveds who are witnessing that declaration, but that declaration is really within. It’s bold. It’s a bold place that says “No more fooling around…I am declaring the Love within my heart. I am declaring that I am living and willing to live in Love.” Declaring…it’s bold. It’s usually meant for something that you’re declaring, like a line has been drawn in the sand or you’re declaring a change that is very essential in some way. A declaration. And, this is the most powerful place of declaration: to declare the Love within your heart. To affirm that we are here forever to Love. Affirming. It’s another strong place…affirming. It’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s a natural extension of the power of the strength of God’s Love and your connection with it, because it is the Truth of who you are. And, you’re simply, firmly declaring the Truth.

There’s a beautiful teaching in one of these hymns that says: “I plant my banner. I stand and I plant my banner of Truth.” That may seem a little large, but there is a deep teaching within it, because, when you plant your banner, you are drawing a line in the sand to yourself, saying: “This is what I want. This is what this lifetime is for, and I recognize it and I accept it and I want it. And I accept that this is what I am here for. And I’m so glad to be in this lifetime remembering.” These are powerful statements of the Heart that are declaring the Love within your Heart in every way you possibly can.

Lie Around and Get Zonked.

If we were more devoted, it would have been enough that just one prophet
Would have had to make a personal appearance on Earth.
He or she probably could have easily fixed some important things forever,
Written a book that really gave us the total lowdown
And that no right-wing fanatic dare edit.
God in human form, as some call the avatar or world teacher,
Seemingly could have easily shown us some tasty herb cocktails
That could cure any illness of the mind that humans would ever know.
But looks like it doesn’t work that way.
And what of us mules who like the harness?
What would the workhorses in this world do without some imaginary cause or situation?
We felt needed to be championed or scotch taped.
Heaven forbid everyone might become happy doing basically nothing
Except to lie around and get zonked out on the wonder of our being. [Hafiz]

Lie around and get zonked out on the wonder of our being is very connected to being in quiet silence, because it is in that beautiful inward place where you can become zonked out on the wonderment of your own being. Not in the identity that we made, but in the beingness of God that we are. If we were more devoted it would have been enough that just one great prophet could have made a personal appearance. It doesn’t really matter how many prophets come, it only takes one. All prophets are One! It only takes one sparking of recognition of “Oh, I’m being called in a different direction.”

To have written a book that really gave us the total lowdown, we have those. Thank God. Everything is always provided. Or that it could have been easily shown to us through some tasty herb cocktails. But the truth is that there is no magic bullet. There are so many gifts of helpfulness for sure. But, the only thing that really makes the shift that makes the healing occur is the willingness from within. No one is left without the means to remember.

Everyone is given and drawn to exactly what’s most helpful. It’s just the willingness to recognize it, embrace it, be so grateful for it and listen. It becomes so easy, but the Truth is that all the listening is going to take you to the same place that you need do nothing and to just keep accepting. All the workhorses…do you see yourself as a workhorse with a harness on, needing to be the worker, which is not the same thing as being the servant of Love? You can take off the harness and embrace the lightness, the beauty of the servant of Love, because truly in the servant of Love there is no burden. The harness is off. There’s no goal other than to offer Love.

Imagine living without, day-to- day, just moment to moment, living without any story. That there would be no story that has a beginning, middle and an end that has to be the focus. The form, in the spiritual journey, is being called to be just what kind of comes along for the ride. It’s the vehicle through which you serve. It’s the form through which Love is expressed.

So, whether, using this as an example, whether you’re plowing a field or you’re sitting on a porch, the gift of healing is the same. It’s just the form that looks different. And, what happens in the world is that the form is what gets identified with your belief in “knowing” with being good or bad, or better or worse, or liked or disliked. But, if you let go of the story of the idea of it, it just becomes the expression of Love…the opportunity. And the vehicle may be a form that you are with. But it isn’t the form itself that is the purpose. The purpose is the offering of Love. So, what if you had no outcome to anything that was anticipated or had as the goal of…whatever it was, instead of just offering Love. There would be no outcome because…it wouldn’t in some way conclude that there wouldn’t be an attachment to the outcome because that isn’t the purpose. It’s just to offer love.

I’m reminded of…because I was asked also, so it reminded me…when our Beloved Walter was passing, beginning to pass, there was a call to go and visit. And in the beauty of that there was no, certainly no anticipation of what might be recognition or not recognition. And, of course, in that open Truth it was, of course, perfect. The form of it was perfect, the intention was perfect. Love was all that was really there. And there was no attachment to whether anyone was recognized or not recognized, only as it might serve this Beloved. And everything was just to serve this Beloved for just a few moments or for the rest of eternity. No outcome. No story. No thinking about when he would pass, how close it was or trying to maybe even guess when he might pass. None of it was…the purpose, the purpose was just to offer Love/comfort. To remind, to remind this precious Beloved that he is Love and that he wasn’t dying at all. His eternal life was in perfect harmony and order. And in that moment there was no time, because it doesn’t matter whether it’s two minutes, 20 minutes. Love in the moment is maximal. That’s all that there is. And there’s no story about whether he received it. Of course he received it. It’s Love and Love is the power of the universe. Does it matter whether the mind that was split and made to be in this temporary setting, whether that mind knew it or not? No. There’s no concern about that. The Heart and Mind of God that is the Truth of this Beloved within every Beloved…the Heart and Mind of God is totally there. Nothing to do, nothing to gain, nothing to say it could have been better another way. It was perfect, because it just is what it is. And in that, when there is no attachment to outcome and no story to attach to and no reasons even. What then is the mind going to play with? What is it going to hang onto? It’s going to be much easier to just BE when there’s no reason for the mind to hook onto or no story that has to be a certain way, and no outcome. The outcome is really the food source of the ego. It’s really what the ego really wants is an outcome.

And it wants to know ahead of time what the outcome is so it can actually make the outcome rather than consciously giving the outcome to God and not knowing what would be most helpful, but willing to…”Thy will be done, I’m putting it into Your Hands and letting it unfold. I don’t know what is most helpful.” But with the trust and intention that it’s guaranteed that if you put everything into the Hands of God, step by step, it is guaranteed that God’s Will for you is happiness and peace. It is God’s Will for you. Following the Will of Love is a sure way to remember the joy that God’s Will is for you.

The only thing you’re really asked to let go of is-an outcome, and the temptation, the addiction to the good or bad.

The reason that the ego outcome is wanted is because of the belief in good and bad, and right and wrong, all levels and degrees. You think this knowing keeps you safe/in control. If you let go of the outcome being good or bad and just this moment…is always connected with what’s most helpful and the deepest learning. To learn easily is to let it unfold. To learn while trying to hold on, you’re still learning, but it’s a tougher learn, because there’s a resistance and wanting to take control from the Divine orchestration of movement. So, letting go of outcome is incredibly helpful/necessary. It is a place of deep…a leap of faith. It is faithfulness and it is a deep leap of that faith, because everything in the mind wants to have its own outcome based on the past. Why is it based on the past?

It is based on the past because you have nothing else to glean from, so it’s going to be like the past. And, in the beauty and Divine harmony…to have it be in God’s Will for your happiness and deepest learning is to let go of the outcome because it will not be then of your made-up past. It will be in the harmony of Love. And then you’re just led and called to not judge it. Not judge it as you like it, you don’t like it, good or bad.

Let’s say…we’ll use an example of something simple like somebody gives you free tickets to a concert. And, everything in you wants to follow what is being called for. And, you just don’t get a YES to go. You’re not called to go to that concert. You’re called to give away the tickets. You really wanted to see the concert, but you’re not getting a YES. And, you trust that. You give away the tickets. And, there’s a learning, a learning so deep in there that goes…you are choosing obedience to follow the Truth of God rather than have an opinion about what it’s for.

In that moment, your devotion, your trust, your allegiance is opening, deeply. Then at the time that you would have been there, someone calls you, and you’re guided to speak to them. You don’t know what the importance is of that. You don’t know …whether it would have happened differently if you would’ve been there later. …you don’t know how transformative this is for the Beloved who is calling, but you are following. And, in that moment you have the opportunity to realize that that phone call was perfect and there was no better choice, there was no choice that was a better one because there were tickets to a concert. There’s no way to judge Love and your offering of Love.

In the journey of Love, of remembering, there does come a place that there is a deep surrender of the personal. The personal getting, the personal winning, for the personal needs of the identity. And the beauty of that “personal” starting to fade away is that that personal is completely the ego. It is for the self. And in the beauty of healing Love, you don’t sacrifice anything. There is no sacrifice of anything that you lose in any way. What you’re letting go of in the personal, is what actually was the cause of pain. Aloneness, separation, fear and the belief that you have to satisfy something within you that is…that has needs. But there’s also a guarantee that all of those beliefs of getting something “personal” from the outside are built into scarcity, because there is never enough. And it never satisfies. You can believe you’re going to the best restaurant in the world and it is still not going to give you a sense of completion, a sense of your Divine Self. If you believe that you’re going to eat the dinner, it’s going to be lovely, and it’s going to give you a sense of worth or comfort.. And it didn’t bring you to a place of comfort…maybe temporary worth or food comfort, but, it goes away. The comfort of the Truth is that you are the Light of God and living as that Light. Nothing on the outside will feed that. It comes from the Heart opening and accepting that you cannot be without and that there is nothing to get. And that your communion within is the service of Love. And the service of Love is not a place of sacrifice. And, it’s a learning and it’s about holding your Heart open to each Beloved as perfect and holy and having no opinion about them. None. Only Love.

I wrote down this beautiful teaching.

We must be willing to surrender the life we planned
And accept the life waiting for us.

Imagine no story is a life not planned. It’s giving up the life that you believed and planned in, which means giving up the story and giving up the outcomes and the expectations. What is the life that you planned? It’s all kinds of different things. It changed the whole time you’re walking in time. But there are a lot of agreements and there are a lot of attachment to things that you believed would bring you happiness, like you can have the plan of your life say “I’m going to prove that I’m the smartest kid in the room. I’m going to prove it.” And, that plan stays and unconsciously there’s a proving that’s going on all the time. All of that is being called to be let go. There’s nothing, nothing at all that you have to or can do to actually improve your beingness. That doesn’t mean that in the world in surrender to Truth you’re not offering Love through all of its various forms. But it’s not a drive from within to prove anything about yourself in any way. Because I promise that with the planning of a plan of your identity, proving is right in there. And, proving is a very painful place. It will never not be connected with guilt. It will always be connected with guilt, because you will never succeed through proving. It is never enough when you want to prove your worth. And the upside-downness of it is that your magnificence is so intrinsically beyond anything you could even imagine, and it’s the perfection of the universe. It has nothing to prove against. To prove against you have to have two. You have to have something better, something worse. You are IT. You’re the perfection of all creation. You’re the Light. So, to hold anything to prove has absolutely no meaning and no result that is going to bring you what you’re truly looking for. It’s just the acceptance of your Divine Self. And dropping the plans, and dropping the story and all the reasons and just letting Love guide the way.

“I’m going to go and live among the flowers with my blessed Mother.” That was a declaration from the master that couldn’t read or write and was called to serve humanity. He couldn’t read or write and he obeyed. He just obeyed. In many ways he was caught sometimes in the wonder of it all because maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time instead of at the right place at the right time to receive a message from the Divine Mother saying “you are now the servant of Love”. And for the rest of his life in form, the next 50 years or whatever it was, he served that Love completely. And, he declared “I am leaving everything that I lamented and believed I wanted in the past and now I’m going to go and live among the flowers with my blessed Mother.” And it’s the same declaration. It’s the same place of declaring the Love and your true purpose. It’s not a stretch, it’s just the everyday alignment…I’m here to Love. In the school room of Love. You don’t have to worry about anything. “God’s Will for me is joy God’s Will is peace,” and just accepting it. You either choose pain or you choose joy, moment to moment. And, as you choose one, you have to let the other go. Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell what’s pain and what’s joy because of the habits of the past that kind of turn it upside down. But if you’re not at peace, just choose again. Choose peace. Come back.

Imagine no story, no reason, no outcome. And I will also promise that as you let go of the story and the reason and the outcome, the vibration of your energy field will begin to shift because there is a great deal of fear attached to outcome and the story and the reasons. There’s a great deal attached to your personal attachment to succeeding/winning, and it brings with it a disturbing energy. It’s a tension energy that can really run, and run almost unnoticed because it’s so familiar.

But, there’s a calling in the quiet. In the stillness you’re learning to drop into the quiet and find your harmonious energy field where there is nothing to do, nothing to prove, just your harmonious vibration of Love. And, there’s no push, and there’s no outcome that’s being looked for. Just trusting that everything is right here. And it’s God’s will for you to be at peace, to be in the Truth of Love. Returning to Reality. And that there is no problem. Never a problem. Every problem put into the Hands of God is no longer a problem because the Spirit of Love will break it open and show you there never was a problem there. Give everything into the Hands of God that you used to believe in as a problem, and accept “I’m not separate from God so there cannot be a problem. I’m one and I accept it. I may not know it, I may not feel it, I may not even believe it totally but I’m putting my willingness there.” And following. I will follow.

Why do you want to perceive 1,000 different problems when there are none? Just scoot them all into the Hands of God, everything you thought was a problem and come back to Peace. Peace is here now. Peace is what you are now. Declare it as the Reality that you do accept. Declare your willingness to accept the peace. Rest…rest in Love. And, trust the outcome, whether it’s the outcome of this minute or it’s the outcome of this hour or the outcome of this day…just keep putting it all into the Hands of God and trust the outcome and your mind will be freed. Free to be at peace. Only love.

“Here I am declaring the Love within my Heart.” And then you can feel the vibration within your Heart of that Love. One Heart.

Chris Celine © 2016

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