No Outcome – Barb Deurwaarder – 9/11/16

Sunday evening at 8pm ET  we are highlighting one of our Sanctuary teachers who you may not have heard before, Barbara Deurwaarder. Barbara is sharing from a Satsang with Chris Celine. (Barbara’s regular time slot is each Sunday from 12:30-1:30pm ET.)

Listen to this recording

Barb is the Secretary of the Board of Directors for Awakening Together. As a young girl Barbara was raised in a Baptist househoBarbara Deurwaarder LMld, and although curious about religion, she did not find the answer in that faith.  She took a long hiatus, finding A Course in Miracles in late 2000.   Even though she did not seemingly understand its words, she was determined to continue, and expanded her studies to other teachings, including NTI, deepening her understanding of the Course.  Barbara is an attorney who brings compassion to her work.  The real work for her, of course is to uncover the truth of who she is.

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