Monthly Satsang – Mary Reed – 1-15-17

Monthly Satsang – Mary Reed – 1-15-17

Mary Reed is an “accidental” mystic who, following eleven years of profound, involuntary visions and insights into divine realms, surrendered her executive life in Washington, DC to explore her spiritual gifts in a remote Buddhist nunnery in India. She grew up without any interest in religion but with an innate knowing that humans had more ability to access greater wisdom than most seemed to realize.

When not immersed in silence and contemplation in the Himalayas, Mary inspires audiences far and wide with her story and perspectives. Using the unique lens of mysticism through which she has been viewing both Divine and earthly realms for fifteen years, Mary’s 2016 tour focused on the answer to a single question: If Love is all we need, then why hasn’t it ever been enough to make our suffering go away? In her words, “If we want a world in which Love really is all we need, then we need to know what Love really is. And if we as individuals want to be part of the awakening experience that is manfiesting that world, then we need to know what it is to BE that Love.”

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