Michael Langford Study Group New Time 7:00 PM E.T.- 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, July 5th at 7 PM E.T. as we delve into the mystery of living from love through the contemplations of quotes from those with truly Awakened Consciousness.  We are reviewing the book “How to Live A Life That Knows Only Love” – Chapter two is going to be discussed in this group meeting. The emphasis in this group is on the importance of actual practice in opening to genuine Awakening. It is amazing what spirit can bring forth when the door is opened up. All are welcome as Rev. Jay McCormick hosts this soul-deepening and inspirational hour. All are welcome to participate and read, contemplate, and share the wisdom of spirit that loves through the heart.

Regina will join in with a 20 minute Skype conversation with Jay that was previously recorded with her insights from selected quotes from the chapter. Michael Langford has also expressed interest in attending every group meeting that he can. Look forward to seeing everyone there!


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