Member Meetings Audios

Awakening Together holds quarterly membership meetings in the Sanctuary on the following dates:
~ The first Sunday in March
~ The first Sunday in June
~ The second Sunday in September (due to the US Labor Day Holiday)
~ The first Sunday in December

Member meetings are scheduled to follow the quartlery meeting of the Board of Directors so updates from the Board meeting can be presented to members at the Member Meeting. Member meeting audio recordings are archived here.

6-11-17 – Quarterly Member Meeting

Listen to this audio In this member meeting, Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert shared information about: Member Board of Trustees nominees Update on the Retreat House Campaign Open teaching slots 2017 Awakening Together Fall Retreat   Continue Reading

4-2-17 – Quarterly Member Meeting

In this member meeting, Regina shared information about: 2016 Financial Report Update on the Retreat House Campaign Announcing the 2018 Israel Pilgrimage Weekly Satsang with Nirmala Upcoming Member Elections 2017 Awakening Together Fall Retreat Listen to this audio Link to Member Meeting Handout Continue Reading

Audio from the December 4, 2016 Quarterly Member Meeting

In this member meeting, Regina shared information about: The Retreat Center Fundraising Campaign Our Current Financial Status Awakening Together Radio and Sanctuary Closures A New Program: Consistent, Gentle Healing Speakers and Dates for the 2017 Fall Retreat Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Audio from 8/28/16 Special Member Meeting

In this member meeting, Regina introduced the new Sanctuary schedule and the new Sanctuary policy. She shared about new enhancements to the Sanctuary Etiquette and changes to how the Sanctuary will be admin’ed under the new policy. Listen to this audio Note: This meeting ended early due to Paltalk technical difficulties. Continue Reading

Audio from the 8/21/16 Special Member Meeting

There was a special member meeting on Sunday, August 21. The agenda for the member meeting was: Reduced Sanctuary Schedule Beginning September 1 ACIM Gather is Reopening on a New Part-time Schedule Awakening Together Job Openings: Sanctuary Director and Assistant Sanctuary Director Overview of How Decisions are Made in Awakening Together Listen to this audio… Continue Reading

Audio – Follow-Up to Last Week’s Special Member Meeting

Michael Langford asked Regina to share a message from him as a follow-up to last week’s Special Member Meeting. This is the audio of Regina’s sharing, which was prompted by Michael’s request. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Audio from 7/31/16 Special Member Meeting

Regina Dawn Akers announces the resignation of our Sanctuary Director, Lyn Johnson. Both Regina and Lyn share regarding the circumstances surrounding Lyn’s resignation. Regina also announces upcoming changes to the Sanctuary Schedule based on a new Federal Labor Law. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Audio from 6/5/16 Member Meeting – Looking at the Teachings of Michael Langford & Ellie Roozdar

This is the audio from Awakening Together’s June 5, 2016 Member Meeting. In this meeting Regina addressed two orders of business, and then she answered common questions about Michael Langford and Ellie Roozdar’s teachings. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Audio from the March 6 Quarterly Member Meeting

This is the agenda for our 2016 first quarter member meeting, links to documents shared during the meeting and the audio from the member meeting. If you have any feedback you would like to share after listening to this audio, please Contact Us. Agenda Church Status 2015 Financial Report Results of the Fall Retreat Survey… Continue Reading

Audio from Our 4th Quarter Member Meeting

  Awakening Together’s 4th Quarter Member Meeting was held in the Sanctuary on December 6. If you were unable to attend, you may listen to the audio. Click to listen to the audio The agenda for this meeting was: ~ Financial Statement from this Year’s Fall Retreat ~ Finding out who you’d like as Retreat… Continue Reading

Audio from the September Member Meeting

In the third quarter member meeting, Regina shared: Update regarding our application for church status Full Disclosure – Financial Status Review Update regarding our upcoming 2015 Fall Retreat Introduction to John Mark Stroud, our guest teacher for online Satsang in the Sanctuary at 8pm ET on September 20 Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Audio Recording – Meet the Nominees to the Member Board of Trustees

Hi Everyone, In this 58-minute audio, you will meet all five nominees to the Member Board of Trustees. They each share a little about themselves and their spiritual paths in order to help you decide which three you will vote for. Listen to the audio Click for pictures and bios of each nominee Remember to vote on… Continue Reading

Member Meeting, June 7th, 2015

This month’s member meeting covers the following agenda: If you missed Awakening Together’s Quarterly Member Meeting this past Sunday, you can listen to the audio now. Our Vice-President Minister, Jacquelyn Eckert, led the meeting. Agenda items included: · Awakening Together’s summer elections for the Member Board of Trustees · Awakening Together’s Retreat Center Fundraising Campaign… Continue Reading

Member Meeting, March 1, 2015

This month’s member meeting covers the following agenda: Tao Te Ching Class begins in March Beginning this month, we are going to quarterly member meetings (instead of monthly meetings). Member meetings will be held in March, June, September and December. Retreat center update. Board approved $450,000 goal for the fundraising campaign. Coming Soon! – Watch… Continue Reading

Member Meeting Audio, February 1, 2015

Regina shares updates with members on the following topics: Spirit-Led Retreat Center Campaign. We’ve raised $6835.67 in the first 2.5 months of the campaign. $10 per week per member would raise enough money to purchase a retreat center within two years. 2015 Fall Retreat. Jan Frazier, Regina Dawn Akers and Bentinho Massaro will be our… Continue Reading

Member Meeting Audio, January 4, 2015

Regina Dawn Akers and Ken Gibson share: Survey data regarding the next Awakening Together retreat Information about Bhagavad Gita classes, which begin in February An update regarding our Spirit Led Capital Campaign An announcement regarding the guest for our January 18 online Satsang and more … Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Member Meeting Audio, December 7, 2014

Regina Dawn Akers shares on the following topics during this member meeting: Dates and location for the Fall 2015 Awakening Together Retreat More upcoming retreat opportunities Awakening Together will apply for IRS Church Status this month Spirit Led Capital Campaign to purchase property for a retreat center Project that will possibly replace PalTalk with another… Continue Reading

Member Meeting – Nov. 2nd, 2014

Regina shares the following updates with us in our November Member Meeting. ~ Retreat Center Vision and Fundraising Efforts (Benet Hill link shared in meeting) ~ Upcoming Opportunities to Get Together (Mexico hotel link shared in meeting) ~ Nyki Dobson is our Awakening Together Satsang guest on November 16 ~ Applying for church status before… Continue Reading

Member Meeting – Celebrating Sheryl Valentine

In tonight’s monthly member meeting we celebrated the heritage of Sheryl Valentine, who left the body early this Sunday morning. We are grateful for her clarity, humor and friendship. Thank you, Sheryl, for your undying love and devotion. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Member Meeting, September 7th, 2014

Regina Dawn Akers conducts the member meeting for September. Announces upcoming classes and policies related to MPP Shares about Awakening Together’s new policy regarding who can offer Awakening Together Classes Highlights Bentinho Massaro as our next satsang guest here at Awakening-Together including a discussion of his three primary teachings. Listen to this audio   Continue Reading

Member Meeting – August 3rd, 2014

Regina Dawn Akers is joined by David Fishman, Lyn Johnson and Jacquelyn Eckert to share about the following topics: Awakening Together Classes Open for Enrollment August 17 Satsang Guest will be Chris Celine Answer to: What’s the difference between the Board of Directors & the Member Board of Trustees? List of subcommittees and openings that are… Continue Reading

Member Meeting Audio, July 5, 2014

In this meeting, Regina Dawn Akers introduced three nominees to the Member Board of Trustees. The nominees are Teddy Poppe, Ken Gibson and Jennifer Maile Nahulu. If you do not know the nominees, you may get to know them by listening to this audio. Please watch for the email that invites you to vote for… Continue Reading

Member Meeting Audio, June 1st, 2014

Continue Reading

Member Meeting Audio, May 4, 2014

In this Member Meeting, Regina shared the Choose Again process that 21 participants are experiencing at the Choose Again retreat in Colorado. She also shared about Engaged Spirituality from Timothy Conway’s website. (Note: Timothy will be one of our retreat leaders at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat this coming September 12-14.) This audio also includes… Continue Reading

Member Meeting Audio, April 6, 2014

Listen to this member meeting to find out about specific opportunities to serve on one of three currently open subcommittees. The subcommittees that are looking for volunteers now are: Events Planning Subcommittee with Regina Dawn Akers Events Communication Subcommittee with Lyn Johnson Featured Talks Subcommittee with Nyki Dobson You can volunteer to serve on any… Continue Reading

Audio from Member Meeting, March 2, 2014

In this member meeting we introduced the Awakening Together logo contest, discussed upcoming opportunities to serve as a part of Awakening Together’s leadership and learned about our next Awakening Together Satsang guest. Listen to this audio List of Charter Members Continue Reading

Audio From Awakening Together Monthly Meeting – February 2nd, 2014 – With Diederik Wolsak

Diederik Wolsak of Choose Again joined us for this member meeting. He came to give us an idea regarding what to expect from the upcoming May 3-10 Choose Again Retreat in Colorado. We were also joined by several clients of Choose Again. They came to share their amazing Choose Again healing stories. Guests included Susan… Continue Reading

Audio From Awakening Together Monthly Meeting – January 5th, 2014

Presented were the new elements of our Awakening-Together website, the ‘For Members’ menu.  It features Member Orientation, Awakening-Together News, Member Meeting Audios, Financial Reports, Board Minutes, Policies and Procedures, and access to our soon-to-be Members Forum.   Look for further updates as we work with the Web team to bring to the members a wonderful new… Continue Reading

All Previous Member Meeting Audios

December 1, 2013: Announce the Minister Preparation Program (MPP): December 1, 2013 ~ ~ ~ November 3, 2013: Introduce the Speaker’s Policy and the process for applying for IRS church status: November 3, 2013 ~ ~ ~ October 6, 2013: Introduce the Constitution, Awakening Together’s Governing Philosophies, the Members Policy & the Online Gathering Room… Continue Reading