Current Nominees for the Member Board of Trustees

The following members have been nominated for the Member Board of Trustees.  Ballots will be sent to all members via email on Friday, June 16.  To help you make a decision as to which candidate(s) to support, a list of nominees with a short biography for each appears below. In addition, please join us for our Member Meeting this Sunday, June 11 at 8pm ET in the Awakening Together Sanctuary Home, where each candidate will be given an opportunity to address the membership.


Rev. Helen Avery has been a minister with Awakening Together since February 2016, and shares on the Tao Te Ching on Monday evenings in the Sanctuary as well as serving on Awakening Together’s Minister Association Subcommittee led by Rev. Gloria Wells.  British-born, she now lives in Brooklyn NY with her partner Bill and their dog Millie where she is a writer, business journalist and yoga teacher.
 Doreen Bonnet became consciously aware of her spiritual journey in her mid 20s when the book, “Spiritual Growth”, by Sanaya Roman, appeared in her life.  Little did she know this book would change the trajectory her path would take. Since then, she has been a seeker of spiritual truth with a goal of raising the consciousness of humanity.  She has  a BA in Communication/Public Relations and is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with an emphasis on Asian Bodywork Therapy.  She is also a graduate of Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development, including two years as a volunteer, two years as a student, and one year in the ministerial intercessory program.  It was during that intercessory year when Doreen became aware of the teachings of Regina Dawn Akers and NTI.  Her deep resonance with this teaching ultimately led to entering the Awakening Together Ministerial Preparation Program. She is currently in her final class of the program.  Her professional career includes 27 years in the corporate arena in public affairs, community and legislative affairs, communications, executive ghost writing, purchasing and data mining.  She is currently in the midst of a career transition that would allow her to integrate her spiritual teachings and training to support others.  During her 20s, Doreen had a profoundly vivid dream about opening the gates of Heaven. Upon reflecting on this dream over years, she realizes that each aspect of the dream represented a stage in her journey to awakening.
Rev. David Hemphill is a founding member and ordained minister of Awakening-Together. He is a senior at Oklahoma State University, and he is scheduled to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education in May of 2018. He plans to teach elementary-aged Deaf students at a residential school upon graduation.  David came to Awakening-Together as a junior in high-school who was in search of a family, a home, independence and purpose. When he began practicing the teachings of nonduality, inquiry, and 12 step programs in 2013, his life took a substantive change in direction. He began listening and deepening into the teachings of sages such as Sri Ramana Maharshi, he began helping review the Ministerial Preparation Program (MPP), and he began tutoring children. As David’s new life began to form, the teachings of mentors and sages coalesced into one goal: to live from a heart of service and unconditional love. Although far from perfect in his practice, David still endeavors to reach his goals through everyday action. He has found family and home in the heart of unconditional love, and he has found agency and purpose in the act of service. To give back to the Awakening-Together community, and to further his service through communion with other seekers of wisdom, David aspires to once again serve the Awakening-Together Member Board of Trustees.
George Maddox submitted the following statement: I retired about 10 years ago, and life is good! Most of my life, I considered myself to be a main line Christian, and was a active participant in the congregations I belonged to, either as a board member or on various committees. About 15 years ago, my life took quite a turn and I broadened my beliefs in Who, or what God is, and who or what am I. I became a member of a Unity church, started studying ACIM, and got involved in “The Voice for Love” which is another on line church, and became an ordained minster in their program. I served as a mentor for several years for the students registered for a year long program, which focused on learning how to listen to God’s voice within, and taught classes on a simple 5 step process to hear and share God’s voice. I have been involved with several ACIM study groups. I feel that Spirit has lead me to “Awakening Together” as part of this grand journey to awakening to the Truth. That is my goal, to awaken and know truth. I am still just beginning, standing at the bottom of the trail, looking up into the fog of the journey ahead. And, after almost a lifetime, I have found the path. And, life is good!
Connie Poole submitted the following statement: I was born into a family whose members have heard the call. My father was a young Methodist Minister when I was born. He and my mother went to Unity Village about the time I graduated from college where he received a ministerial degree and my mother a teaching degree. My baby sister is an ordained Awakening Together minister and a founding member who serves on the Member Board of Trustees. I remember as a child, my parents reading Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery’s books to me and my sisters and how we were captivated with their mystical powers. I personally was a student at Endeavor Academy and with the David Hoffmeister group. I’ve taught classes at Unity of Louisville and I’m presently teaching Growing with NTI in the Awakening Together Sanctuary with Jacquelyn, my sister, and Tom, my sweet brother-in-law. I am also taking MPP classes. In the world, I seem to be a CEO and president of a successful manufacturing company that employs around 25 people in Southern Indiana.

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