Benevolence for Members

Awakening Together will grant benevolence funds to help ensure that the primary needs of its members are met. Primary needs are those necessary for physical, emotional, and spiritual survival: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, counseling, etc.  The more primary the need, the greater the likelihood the Benevolence Subcommittee will consider using Awakening Together funds to meet or to help meet that need.

Members requesting the granting of benevolence funds must complete an application detailing the specific need/request and submit the application to the Benevolence Subcommittee.

The Benevolence Subcommittee will consider the following criteria in helping members financially:

  1. The individual has a demonstrated need.
  2. The individual is unable to earn sufficient funds to support all his/her needs.
  3. The individual’s family resources are not available or sufficient.
  4. Government assistance is not available or sufficient.
  5. The individual has used his/her personal resources until they are relatively exhausted. (The Benevolence Subcommittee may consider all reasonable factors in determining whether this factor is met. Persons requesting assistance should not be left totally destitute before they are eligible.)
  6. The individual has demonstrated that s/he can make thoughtful decisions about his or her resources.

If you are an Awakening Together member and you have a need for benevolence funds,
please contact us to request an application for benevolence funds.

Awakening Together Scholarship and Benevolence Policy