Member Meeting, June 7th, 2015

This month’s member meeting covers the following agenda:

If you missed Awakening Together’s Quarterly Member Meeting this past Sunday, you can listen to the audio now. Our Vice-President Minister, Jacquelyn Eckert, led the meeting. Agenda items included:

· Awakening Together’s summer elections for the Member Board of Trustees

· Awakening Together’s Retreat Center Fundraising Campaign

· Awakening Together’s Fall Retreat in Colorado Springs

When you listen to the audio you will learn how to nominate and elect members to the Member Board of Trustees. You will hear about the strategy Awakening Together is engaging to acquire a retreat center near Pueblo, Colorado. You will also listen to brief excerpts from teachings by Jan Frazier, Regina Dawn Akers and Bentinho Massaro, the retreat leaders for Awakening Together’s 2015 Fall Retreat.

Click Here To Listen To This Audio

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