Kirsten Buxton – This Sunday Evening at 8pm ET

Kirsten Buxton – This Sunday Evening at 8pm ET

Kirsten Buxton – Living Miracles Monastery

Kirsten Buxton is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher, and author who became devoted to awakening after a revelatory experience of such intense love she realized nothing else mattered.

In 2004 she was guided into a devotional practice of A Course In Miracles. Shortly after this she met mystic David Hoffmeister and joined him in living a life in service to Christ.

Kirsten is a founding member of the Living Miracles spiritual community; A Course In Miracles based community devoted to peace of mind and forgiveness. She loves sharing and shining about the fruits of mind training and purpose-based life through her gatherings, songs, and movie events.

This Sunday she will be sharing about her devotional life with ACIM, and an inspiring ‘fun-raising’ event that is being held at the Living Miracles Monastery in July next year. It is in honor of ‘our elders’ and their life’s work to bring ACIM into the world, and a celebration of our deep gratitude and love for ACIM. All proceeds will go towards the Foundation for Inner Peace.

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