Volunteer Opportunities

Awakening Together is an assembly of peers, all with equal access to spiritual wisdom. Because of this fact, we are not managed by one minister or small group of minsters. We involve members in the leadership of our assembly through volunteer opportunities.

Currently we are looking for members to serve on three subcommittees that are now forming.

To express interest in any of the following subcommittees, contact us.
In your message, please be specific about the opportunity that interests you.

EVENT PLANNING SubcommitteeChaired by Regina Dawn Akers
This subcommittee will propose ideas for events hosted by Awakening Together. Experience with either planning or participating in events is helpful. Activities include surveying membership to discover the types of events that will be truly helpful, researching various possibilities, and knowing what really ‘works’ to make a great conference, retreat, or pilgrimage. Great place to practice listening, creative spirit-inspired imagination and communication.

EVENT COMMUNICATION SubcommitteeCurrently Inactive
This subcommittee will participate in letting people know about our events – on websites, through flyers, and other creative means of getting the word out. Great place to express your creative ideas, communication, and excitement in spreading the word about Awakening Together events.

EVENT SCHOLARSHIP SubcommitteeChaired by Jay McCormick
Each year the subcommittee chair will receive a total scholarship budget from the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, which will contain a dollar value budget for each of that year’s Awakening-Together events.  Then, throughout the year we will meet eight weeks prior to each event, and evaluate all scholarship applications that have been submitted for each event.  We will look at each application and either award or deny the request according to its merit, on a first-come-first-served basis, within our allotted budget for that event, and in accordance with the Awakening-Together Scholarship Policy.    Please understand that you are no longer personally eligible for any scholarships from Awakening-Together if you choose to volunteer on this committee.  This committee is a great place to practice discernment, integrity, and clarity of being guided by spirit.

BENEVOLENCE SubcommitteeChaired by Jacquelyn Eckert
Every year, Awakening-Together disperses a percentage of funds from the total received to assist individuals or organizations in a charitable manner.  This group gathers on a regular basis to discuss applications for benevolence and the disbursement of funds.

FEATURED TALKS SubcommitteeChaired by Nyki Dobson
This subcommittee will review audios recorded in our Sanctuary and select talks that share clarity on different topics using a variety of symbols. Selected talks will be placed on our website as Featured Talks. Our goal is to post one new talk each week as a ‘Featured Talk’. If you want to practice discernment and you enjoy being inspired by a variety of speakers, this is the subcommittee for you!

WEBMASTER SubcommitteeChaired by Jay McCormick
Responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the site, this subcommittee meets regularly and has the primary responsibility for the ongoing operation of our primary website, www.awakening-together.org, and formation of the members forum site.  Responsibilities include insuring that proper backups are maintained, upgrading WordPress components, fixing any broken links, disaster recovery, site administration through C-Panel from our web host, and all other ad-hoc development projects.  The subcommittee maintains the weekly schedule of presenters, pics and basic bios of the presenters, and has numerous duties to post audios of various gatherings.

To express interest in any of the subcommittees, contact us.
In your message, please be specific about the opportunity that interests you.