Member Privileges

1. Members nominate and elect our Member Board Trustees.

2. Members may get involved by serving on a member board subcommittee. Our subcommittees work directly with the Member Board Trustees to provide all of the services needed by the membership.

3. Members may apply to become an ordained Awakening Together minister.

4. Members may apply to be an administrator in our online gathering room.

5. Members may submit articles to be posted on the Awakening Together blog or in our newsletter, Awakening Together Insights.

6. Members may ask Awakening Together to link directly to their inspirational blog from our website.

7. Members may submit comments and suggestions directly to our President-Minister.

8. Members may apply for scholarships for Awakening Together pilgrimages, events and classes.

9. Members may take any class offered by Awakening Together.

10. Members may be nominated and elected to our Member Board or Board of Directors.

Click here if you are interested in becoming a member.