Member Covenant

We are very excited to have you join us as a member if it is your heart’s calling to do so. All of our members agree to the following member covenant:

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As a member of Awakening Together, I profess a heart-felt desire to realize one universal truth. I willingly join this assembly of equals committed to discernment and awakening. I accept the assembly’s purpose as my purpose and its core values as my core values. I agree to:

~ Support each member of this assembly on the paths of awakening they feel called to follow.

~ Listen to each member of this assembly, respect each member of this assembly and allow each member to be where he/she is on the divine path of awakening.

~ Practice letting go of the belief that I am a specific and separate individual apart from the whole.

~ Embrace that which my inner wisdom says is helpful to awakening without idolizing any scripture, teaching or teacher as truth itself.

~ Honor all appearances and all experiences as guided by my inner wisdom while continually reflecting on that wisdom and/or changeless truth.

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