Join Us in the Sanctuary for Satsang with Susanne Marie on Sunday, Oct 18 at 8pm ET


Please join us this Sunday night, October 18 at 8pm ET, for Satsang with Susanne Marie in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.
Let me introduce you to Susanne Marie:
Susanne Marie writes, “I am delighted to share with you what I, and many others, have discovered to be possible, that the experience of feeling separate from life is a time-bound, limited perception that can be dissolved. Simply an innocent function of the mind, feelings of separation can be deeply looked into and seen through. … Being drawn home is the natural evolutionary cycle. Transformation and realization are for everyone, as we all have a natural yearning for happiness and freedom.”
Her story:
This journey into the heart of what is true began as a child. I noticed that the adults around me were not always being authentic, which had a great impact on me. Gradually the world that I knew as whole began to take in the hypnotic dream of separation that those around me existed in. I was painfully aware by ten that something was changing which I tried to give voice to, and for which I had no support or understanding. What was occurring was that the experience of Unity was ebbing. As soon as it started to fade, I went on the search for that lost part. …
When my brother Daniel died in 2002, the search for truth took a nose-dive deeper into reality as I endeavored to understand where he went. It was an incredibly difficult time, as three major tragic life events all occurred within a year’s time. What ensued was a deep letting go of much that I had relied on and imagined, including spiritual beliefs. Up until that time, I had been a natural mystic, easily communing with beings and guides from other realms, with a rich dream and inner life. In essence, I felt myself to be on a guided progressive path eventually leading to what I believed freedom was. All that got left behind, as a stripping of all that I thought to be true fell away. Emerging out of this passage into the unknown, following a period of time described best as a stark landscape (a time of emptying out of content), a deep remembering into the nature of reality occurred, and continues to unfold, eventually with awakening itself dropping away and leaving simply livingness. Sharing with others evolves organically over time. It is my joy and passion to share and I find an on-going delight in learning.
I am a parent of two lovely teens who were raised during this time of deep unfolding. Parenting and being present to their own growth, while much of what I knew to be true was falling away, contained its own set of unique challenges which helped keep me grounded to the moment, for which I am grateful.
Her teachers:
All of Existence, Life itself, her laws, all beings and this body are my Teachers. I have had valuable pointers along the way such as Ammachi, Adyashanti, Neem Karoli Baba, Nisargaradata, and others unnamed to whom I offer my deepest gratitude. Even though we are to be a light onto ourselves as the Buddha says, we are also deeply interconnected and as a result, we share this journey as One Being and learn from one another.
Her website:

Transformation Through Presence

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