Join John Mark and Cindy Stroud for Joy of Relationship Couples Retreat — Louisville, Kentucky April 26-30


What is Love Truly?

We live our lives within the gilded cage we define as Love.  We defend beliefs, often unexamined, and hold expectations, often unmet, based upon what we believe Love is “supposed” to be and how we think it expresses.  We rate the quality of our relationships based upon this structure of definitions, and often endure or depart as others either fulfill or fail our perceived needs.

The Joy of Relationship Couples Retreat will lead you through an exploration of the beliefs you hold about Love and demonstrate how to be fully in relationship.

Facilitators John Mark and Cindy Stroud will share their journey through more than twenty years of marriage, as it moved from an unawakened state into a Holy Relationship that joyfully nourishes them each first individually and then in union.

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Some of the things we’ll explore are:

  • Transparency and Vulnerability as a Pathway to True Intimacy
  • Consciously Loving yourself/Self and your Partner
  • Being Divinely Selfish
  • Exercising True Freedom
  • The Holiness of Sexuality
  • The Abundance Waltz
  • Navigating Relationship at Different Stages of Awakening

And…we’ll have fun doing it!  John Mark and Cindy’s retreats always include music, dance, play and laughter.  We’ll also offer a Waking up to the Movies feature especially appropriate to a Couples Retreat.

John Mark and Cindy will joyfully be joined by Tom Conway and Jacquelyn Eckert, who will help facilitate the event.  Tom and Jacquelyn met on retreat in 2010. At that time, each was led by inner wisdom to embrace the other in what they trusted would be a holy relationship. Tom and Jacquelyn will share their experience of the struggle and rewards of choosing to move from their special relationship framework to a relationship premised first and foremost on undoing the ego.


The retreat will be held just north of downtown Louisville, Kentucky at the Clarion Hotel Conference Center Louisville North .


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