Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Peace (ISIS Prayer Vigil) is Scheduled for February 1 & Awakening Together Will Participate


James Twyman will be joined by a large group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders in Syria on February 1 for a Peace Concert and Prayer Vigil known as The Great Abrahamic Pulse. Millions of people worldwide will join them in simultaneous meditation and prayer by focusing loving attention on the mideast region, and …

Awakening Together is going to participate from the Sanctuary!

Imagine what will happen when millions of people from around the world send a pulse of Light AT THE SAME MOMENT to heal a situation created by violence and hatred. The religious leaders will be ON THE GROUND with James, on a spot that for security issues will not be advertised until right before the event. BUT THEY WILL BE THERE…and so will you! They are putting themselves in the very midst of the violence to prove that ONLY LOVE IS REAL. This is the foundation of all great religions, especially Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
The goal is to have millions of people “feel” the energy of peace already prevailing in the region, as if it is already true. When we “ask” for peace to prevail we do not harness the energy of I AM Consciousness, which is at the heart of this prayer vigil. This short video will give you a dramatic head-start. 

The exact time of the Prayer Vigil will not be announced until 12 hours before the vigil. However, Awakening Together will stop regular programming in Sanctuary at the time of the vigil and participate in the vigil from the Awakening Together Sanctuary.

How To Know When to Come for the Vigil

We will send a special message to everyone who is scheduled for the Daily Update to let you know when the vigil is scheduled. Please, join with us in the Awakening Together Sanctuary for the vigil so we can be a part of this loving intention envisioned by our friend, James.


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