May Common Ground Mini-Series with Dhyana Stanley

The Fragrance of Peace Can Be Fully Trusted –
And the Inquiry That Arises When It Is

Dhyana Stanley

Every Sunday in May, 9pm ET/6pm PT


Since our natural state has a very distinct and fully consistent sense to it, why not then trust the sense of it to ‘bring us’ to the stable recognition of who we are – regardless of what is sensed? (Please see article link below, if you are interested in a more thorough explanation of this description).

Each week, she will share insights which will likely include and expand on the following:

  • What is natural feels natural – it feels like Home.
  • We are all seeking for Home – our natural state of peace, well-being.
  • This sense of Home has a very distinct and consistent sense to it and everyone, without exception, has sensed it – but is it ever present or is it conditional?
  • Whenever we feel that something is lacking and peace is gone we are free to inquire into Truth and discover if peace is now present and we are free not to inquire and continue to assume that peace is not now present.
  • Mind is not a problem: taking another look at ‘Mind’.
  • Thoughts and feelings are not a problem: taking another look at thoughts and feelings.
  • Ego is not a problem: taking another look at ego.
  • We are here not only to discover who we are but to be free enough to live that out.
  • Freedom unfolds more and more when we trust the sense of peace and then we cooperate with it, so to speak.
  • Cooperation is a conscious relaxing into the truth of what we already are.   
  • Love allows choice; it never forces Itself on Itself. Conscious, clear cooperation is key.

The phrase ‘The Common Ground Mini-Series’ implies that there is that which we all, without exception, have in common. This month we will look very closely at what it is that ‘we share’ – all across the board. ‘What we are all seeking, what blocks us from discovering, what opens us up to the discovery, that which we do discover, what blocks us from stabilizing in our true sense of self and on and on – is common to each of us.’   Thankfully so!

Article By Dhyana:
Trusting the Fragrance of Peace (The Eagle Who Thought He Was A Goose)

About Dhyana Stanley:

A former Christian missionary, Dhyana Stanley, shares how beliefs (religious and otherwise) blind us into feeling like we are flawed and direct experience reveals we are not. She is the author of The Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth, holds group gatherings in Maine and is available for other events including one-on-one sessions through Skype. For more information, please visit the links below.

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