Weekly Prayer Circle



Live Prayer Circle by Awakening Together

Led by Rev. Carrie Rae Christiansen
Each Wednesday, 1-1:30 pm ET,
In our online Sanctuary.
Submit a prayer request for prayer circle
(Please submit requests by 8pm ET on Tuesday.)

NTI Philippians says, “‘I pray for you’ means, I know who you are, and I know who I am, and I know what we are together. ‘I pray for you’ means, I know we are not separate, but connected through God, which is mind and spirit. ‘I pray for you’ means, I recognize our oneness, and I recognize that as I ask for you, I too shall receive. ‘I pray for you’ is a statement of faith that all you see and sense and experience is not all there is. It is a statement of realization that effect is the result of intent, and intent can be affected by you.”

Compassion is realizing the answer is present even though the one with a prayer request may not sense the answer. Our role in response to a prayer request is to be silent in love, not denying the experience of form and not seeing it as reality. As we hold this space, we speak to the universe in recognition of the call for help while also recognizing the loving universe is fully present.

Prayer circle is in harmony with Awakening Together’s fifth core value:

We accept all forms as temporary appearances permitted through enduring awareness of Self.
We live this value by honoring all appearances and all experiences while continually reflecting on changeless truth.

Prayer circle is a concentrated opportunity to practice this core value.

You are invited to join us for Prayer Circle.