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Shiryl Kaplan interviews teachers on the topic of Developing Trust and Listening to the Inner Voice. Each week she interviews a different guest, frequently from A Course in Miracles tradition. Learn how to be truly helpful by developing trust, listening to your inner voice and therefore, being counted among the Teachers of God.

Developing Trust and Listening to the Inner Voice
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Developing Trust Interview – Teddy Poppe

Listen to the recording In 1986 while living in Carmel Valley California, i underwent a revelatory experience of Salvation and the personal nature of God’s Love… Jesus began to actively guide my life as his VOICE  was made plain… 2 weeks later while in rehab a counselor handed me A Course in Miracles and I… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Amy Torres

Listen to the recording Amy Torres is a well-loved spiritual teacher, Gestalt psychotherapist, and author of Sweet Dreams of Awakening: 365 Good Night Blessings. In 1998, after faithfully practicing all of the lessons in the workbook practice in A Course in Miracles, Amy had a spiritual awakening.  Amy’s work takes an experiential approach to spirituality.… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Lisa Natoli

Listen to the recording Lisa Natoli is minister, author and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She writes and teaches on the topics of transformation, prayer, abundance and healing. She is devoted to God and Jesus Christ. She is the creator of the 40-Day Program for Transformation, a free online program Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Sharon Slack

Listen to the recording    I came from a Jewish upbringing that was based on tradition rather then religion. When I was a little girl I had separation anxiety when I wasn’t with my Parents or Grandmother.    I went to kindergarten when I was 5 and my teacher knew I was scared so she… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – David “Dov” Fishman

Listen to the recording Dov’s Story Coming from my early Jewish upbringing and tradition, I looked out on a world which appeared unloving, unfair, prejudiced, and fast to pass judgment on anyone who did not meet with “their” standards. Even looking within my own religion, I noticed during my teenage years, that there was disparity… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Kathy Scott Perry

Listen to the recording Kathy Scott Perry was introduced to A Course in Miracles 39 years ago, at a talk given by Judith Skutch and Bill Thetford. As the founder and creator of Miracle Promotions, she has spent the last 30 years producing events with well known spiritual authors, A Course in Miracles teachers, and… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Rev. Ken Gibson

Listen to the recording Ken’s willingness to explore spiritual and metaphysical concepts has taken him on an interesting journey over the past ten years. Some of Ken’s spiritual influences include “Disappearance of the Universe”, Regina Dawn Akers and Brent Haskell. Ken is an Awakening Together Ordained Minister. Ken holds an MBA from the University of La Verne and… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Dan and Carol Maynard

Listen to the recording Dan and Carol Maynard Dan and Carol have been students of A Course In Miracles for more than 20 years. The Course has changed their lives in utterly profound and positive ways  – more than can be described with just words. Their relationship is a full expression of what The Course… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert

Listen to the recording Jacquelyn Eckert Jacquelyn is Awakening Together’s Vice President, an Awakening Together Ordained Minister, and a founding Trustee.  Jacquelyn is a graduate of Harvard Law School and is a semi-retired District Court Judge. She has a substantial history with nonprofits including service on several nonprofit boards in roles including chair, vice-chair, and secretary.… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Craig Villarrubia

Listen to the recording From Craig’s website For most of my life I searched for love and joy in the acquisition of material things, relationships and circumstances. Despite moments of success, nothing fulfilled me at the core. It would take multiple experiences with failed relationships, addictions and set backs before realizing that what I was… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Cindy Renard

Listen to the recording From Cindy’s website Cindy Lora is an innovative and extraordinary talent blending an eclectic mix of Visionary/New Age, Alternative Pop and meditative sounds with contemporary beats to create a unique style. Her sultry vocals, creative lyrics, and primal rhythms produce a state of mind which takes the listener to higher places… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Rev Carrie Christiansen

Carrie is an Awakening Together Ordained Minister and leads our “A Course of Love” group and “Prayer Circle” each Wednesday at 11:30am ET and 1pm ET. Listen to the recording Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Caroline Chang

Listen to the recording From Caroline’s website; I first learned about metaphysical studies in the late 70’s, when I was a teenager and I was asked by a friend to read the book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  At that time I really didn’t think too much of the concept that you could… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Rev. Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers & Awakening Together Awakening Together‘s founder, Regina Dawn Akers. grew up in middle-America as a Christian. Her religious training came from more than one Christian faith, and she was aware of differences in Biblical interpretation within the Christian community. She was also aware of the similarities that crossed all denominational boundaries, the… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Rev. Maria Felipe

Cuban-American born in Miami, Maria Felipe stands at 5’9″ tall with a towering personality to match. Her charisma has captivated thousands of viewers across the United States and beyond, as her pursuit of an acting career resulted in dozens of appearances in national commercials, hosting successful TV shows (including World Wrestling Federation shows with live… Continue Reading

Developing Trust Interview – Maureen Muldoon

From her website Maureen Muldoon aka The Spiritual Vixen has gone from an illustrious career as a Hollywood  actress to an internationally renowned Spiritual Speaker, Teacher, licensed Minister, Prayer Practitioner and Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles. She is often referred to as the “Course Whisperer” for her innate ability to interpret and… Continue Reading