Other Featured Talks

4-9-17 – Speaker Spotlight – Amy Boyer

Amy talked about her spiritual journey and her program, “Open Heart Sharing”.  Amy shares her contemplation of Adyashanti’s book “The Way of Liberation” each Monday at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT Listen to the audio Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Embracing the Law of Cause and Effect – Doreen Bonnet

Doreen is one of our new speakers who responded to Regina’s invitation for members of the Consistent Gentle Healing group to take a 30 minute teaching time slot to read and share from a book. Doreen chose Christmas Humphrey’s book, “Karma and Rebirth” and teaches Monday nights at 8pm ET / 5pm PT Listen to the recording Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Undoing My Imagination – Sharon Slack

Sharon is one of our new speaker who responded to Regina’s invitation for members of the Consistent Gentle Healing group to take a 30 minute teaching time slot to read and share from a book. Sharon chose Paul Hedderman’s book “The Escape To Everywhere”.  She shares on Wednesdays at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT. Listen… Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Rev. Carrie Christiansen – “My Experience with Prison Ministry”

Rev. Carrie and her good friend Geraldine Scott (AT Minister in training) talked about their experiences doing prison ministry in a womens prison where Rev Carrie is teaching the MPP class curriculum Listen to the recording Continue Reading

Gina Lake & Jesus Speaking: Reading & Commentary on what He is Teaching today – 1/11/17

Gina Lake reads a passage from one of her channeled books. The Jesus Trilogy, A Heroic Life, or In the world but Not of It This is either followed with a talk by her or a channeled session with Jesus, about the passage. Gina shares each Wednesday at 1:30-2:30 pm ET, 10:30 am PT We… Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Rev. Karen Worth – “My Experiences with AHAM”

Karen is an Awakening Together Ordained Minister a does the Daily Meditation.  She talked about her experience with the Association of Happiness for All Mankind (AHAM) which is the training center teaching Sri Ramana Marshi Self Inquiry teachings. She also talked about her experience with the personal retreat with a meeting with V. Ganeshan (Ramana’s… Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Rev. Rebecca Gibson – “Signs and Guides”

Rebecca is an Awakening Together Ordained Minister, she selects and posts the “Daily Quote” and speaks every Sunday in the Sanctuary.  Her program, “Uncharted Territory” is at 4pm ET/1pm Pacific. Listen to the recording Continue Reading

Watch Regina Dawn Akers’ Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Regina’s Buddha at the Gas Pump Bio   Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Shiryl Kaplan – 12-11-16

“Embracing your Divine Self.”  Shiryl discussed how she has learned to stay and live in the NOW! Shiryl is our Assistant Sanctuary Admin and Teaches weekly in the Sanctuary Developing Trust & Listening to Your Inner Guide: Wednesday Evenings, 7:00pm-8pm ET Listen to the recording Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – 11-13-16 – Rev Aracelly Torres-Champagne

Rev. Aracelly shared “Her Path” from Columbia to Texas and to being a Pathways of Light ordained minister Rev Aracelly Teaches weekly in the Sanctuary The Different Paths to Truth – Wednesday Evenings, 8:00pm-8:30pm ET Listen to the Recording Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Caroline Chang – 11-6-16

“The Truth of Oneness is Not Complicated” Caroline gave a brief introduction of herself for those who may not be familiar with who she is and then explained how understanding the truth of Oneness has changed her life. Caroline Teaches weekly in the Sanctuary The Truth of Oneness Within Monday Evenings, 7:00pm-7:30pm ET Listen to this… Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Kelly Barber – 10-30-16

Speaker Spotlight on Reverend Kelly Barber “What if it’s not what I always thought it was” Kelly Teaches weekly in the Sanctuary The compassionate Wisdom of Pema Chodron Monday Evenings, 9:30pm-10pm ET Listen to this recording Continue Reading

Featured Talk – Shiryl Kaplan with Jon Mundy

Developing Trust & Listening to Your Inner Guide – Shiryl Kaplan with guest Jon Mundy – Shiryl is our new Assistant Sanctuary Director and also hosts this weekly program on Wednesdays from 7PM-8PM ET.  This week her guest was Jon Mundy, author of “Living a Course in Miracles   Listen to the recording Continue Reading

Speaker Spotlight – Hal Seeley – 10-9-16

Speaker Spotlight on Reverend Hal Seeley “Do you Believe, or do you know” Rev. Hal Seeley speaks from his spiritual journey of growth and acceptance.. Hal Teaches weekly in the Sanctuary No Title, No Book, Now: The Script: Thursday Evenings, 7:30pm-8pm ET Listen to this recording Continue Reading

Featured Talk – Helen Avery – 10/2/16

The title of Helen’s talk is “Grounding into Spirit – embracing the Earth and our humanity as part of the path of awakening” Helen is a minister with Awakening Together. A lover of many wisdom traditions, the path of yoga and Eastern teachings are the ones that have called to her most deeply. Away from… Continue Reading

Featured Talk – Hal Seeley – 9/15/16

Looking back on his life, Hal only remembers always being curious about how things worked. He also found that once he figured something out or mastered a new job, he was quick to go onto something else. This eventually led him to the study of psychology, philosophy, and a deep curiosity of our immune system.… Continue Reading

No Outcome – Barb Deurwaarder – 9/11/16

Sunday evening at 8pm ET  we are highlighting one of our Sanctuary teachers who you may not have heard before, Barbara Deurwaarder. Barbara is sharing from a Satsang with Chris Celine. (Barbara’s regular time slot is each Sunday from 12:30-1:30pm ET.) Listen to this recording Barb is the Secretary of the Board of Directors for Awakening… Continue Reading

Kirsten Buxton – 8/14/16

Kirsten Buxton – Living Miracles Monastery Kirsten Buxton is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher, and author who became devoted to awakening after a revelatory experience of such intense love she realized nothing else mattered. In 2004 she was guided into a devotional practice of A Course In Miracles. Shortly after this she met mystic David… Continue Reading

Michael Langford, Audios 1 and 2

On April 6, Rev. Regina Dawn Akers interviewed Michael Langford in person near his home in Nevada. Michael is the author of The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss, The Seven Steps to Awakening, Manonasa: A Spiritual Autobiography and many other useful spiritual books. The result of Regina’s April 6 visit with Michael Langford is… Continue Reading

Featured Talk – Daniel Shai – The Headless Way – 4/16/16

Daniel Shai joined us Saturday night in the Awakening Together Sanctuary for a discussion of the Headless Way Listen to this recording Over the past [sixty] years a truly contemporary and Western way of ‘seeing into one’s Nature’ or ‘Enlightenment’ has been developing. Though in essence the same as Zen, Sufism, and other spiritual disciplines,… Continue Reading

Featured Audio – Rev. Regina’s Talk from the ACIM Conference in Las Vegas

Still Your Mind and Change the World When one looks at the world, many problems can be seen. The world we see includes appearances such as neglect, abuse, murder, poverty, thievery, torture, disease, intolerant hatred & more. Is it right to ignore these appearances & expect them to go away? Can we take helpful right-action?… Continue Reading

Ellie Roozdar Recording – Awakening Together Sanctuary

Ellie Roozdar was born and raised in Iran and moved to the US in 1979.   Since childhood, she was seeing herself as a vision, which was not associated with the body at all. The question was arising “Who am I?” This was never answered and it was in her heart for a long time. Then… Continue Reading

A Banquet of Wisdom–Highlights from the Winter Retreat featuring Brent Haskell, with comments from Michael Langford

In this audio, Regina shared highlights from the 2016 Awakening Together Winter Retreat featuring Brent Haskell. We are also sharing new Brent Haskell channelings from Jeshua in this post. These channelings were the foundation of Brent’s teaching at the Winter Retreat. Michael Langford was in the Sanctuary as Regina shared highlights from the Winter Retreat. He and… Continue Reading

Rev Tony Ponticello in the Awakening Together Sanctuary

What a treat for our members!! Rev Tony Ponticello joins us for a lively discussion on living A Course in Miracles.  Rev Tony is a cofounder of Community Miracles Center (CMC) located in San Francisco, California. He is an A Course In Miracles (ACIM) teacher, counselor and author. He maintains a strong internet presence and… Continue Reading

Mandi Solk on Non-dual Truth

Mandi Solk and Lyn Johnson speak about non-dual truth, specifically how it appears constantly as the ordinary world. Hear more! Continue Reading

Earl Purdy on A Course In Miracles

Earl Purdy and Lyn Johnson share about their spiritual paths and share clarity on A Course In Miracles. Listen in! Continue Reading

7 Steps to Awakening with Regina Dawn Akers

Regina reads from her 7 Steps to Awakening Journal. She looks at the stickiness of the I-am-a-body idea and what to do about it. Listen here! Continue Reading

David Fishman – “Need to learn more”

David shares on the “need to learn..more”, which is the most subtle form of idolatry. It keeps us stuck in denial of truth. We Have ALL, NOW. The function of God’s Son is Completion! Listen Here! Continue Reading

Regina Dawn Akers
Regina Dawn Akers – 7 Steps to Awakening 562-64

President Minister Regina Dawn Akers shares from her journal her personal contemplations of quotes 562-64 in the 7 Steps to Awakening book. This is the Cindy Teevens audio Regina refers to at 9:00. Listen Here! Continue Reading

Cindy Teevan’s – Who you think you are

Cindy Teevans joins Awakening-Together in the Awakening-Together Sanctuary and does some valuable one-on-one and inner looking! She brings with her “outstanding and good news” about not being who you think you are! Listen Here! Continue Reading

In Contemplation with Kirtana & Timothy

In this audio, Regina Dawn Akers shares a deep contemplation process with members and friends in the Awakening Together Sanctuary using three of Kirtana’s songs. Listen to this featured audio After contemplation with Kirtana, the Sanctuary continued contemplation by listening to this Timothy Conway Satsang audio. Kirtana and Timothy will be retreat leaders along with… Continue Reading

ACIM with Jerry and Diane Jampolsky

Listen to Jerry and Diane Jampolsky teach The Course here! Continue Reading

Gary Renard on Love has Forgotten No One

Cindy Renard is absent and Gary Renard takes the wonderful opportunity to share on Paltalk about his third book Love has Forgotten No One.   Listen here!   Continue Reading

Seven Steps to Awakening, Quotes #537-541 contemplation with Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers shares her contemplation on Quotes #537-541 Listen Here! .   Continue Reading

Choose Again with Diederik Wolsak and Awakening-Together

Awakening-Together is hosting a Choose Again retreat in Colorado on May 3-10, 2014. Diederik Wolsak joined us in Paltalk to share on the purpose of Choose Again as well as to listen to previous choose again clients share their stories with Choose again. Guests include Susan Braverman, Raena Avalon, Sean and Nyki Dobson, and David… Continue Reading

Nouk Sanchez – ACIM

Nouk Sanchez talks about her experience with The Course of Miracle on the Awakening Together Sanctuary radio!   Listen Continue Reading

How to Awaken from the Dream, Part Two – Inner Ramana through Regina Dawn Akers

Inner Ramana Regina Dawn Akers reads from a section of Inner Ramana titled How to Awaken from the Dream part Two. Continue Reading

Gary and Cindy Renard 11-17-13

Gary and Cindy Renard Gary and Cindy discuss themes such as spiritual sight and not making error real.  The discussion opens with an excerpt from lesson 189 “Father, we do not know the way to You. But we have called, and You have answered us. We will not interfere. Salvation’s ways are not our own,… Continue Reading

Julie Gillespie – “Stillness Speaks” by Robert Adams

Julie Gillespie Julie Gillespie reads and discusses the book “Stillness Speaks” by Robert Adams. Robert Adams had an early childhood spontaneous awakening, later visited with Paramahansa Yogananda who he spoke in the highest regard of for decades, and finally moved to Tiruvannamalai where he shed the last vestiges of ego upon his first visual contact… Continue Reading

Diederik Wolsak – The Beliefs and Emotions Behind Addiction

  Diederik Wolsak Diederik Wolsak tries to share with the listeners the intimate ego busting experience that Choose Again offers. Diederik discusses the beliefs and emotions behind addiction, the spiritual ego, and attachment to the ego. Willingness to feel what’s coming up, how to notice reactions and provocations, how to tell when the ego is… Continue Reading

Magdi Em Be – The wanting of the ego

Magdi Em Be Magdi Em Be analyzes the wanting of the ego. Through his analysis, Madgi explores the desires of ego, questions the authenticity of wanting, and even begins to adventure on a journey of exploring true Self using his hand and unconscious activities as his instruments of travel. Throughout his odyssey, Madgi leads the listener into… Continue Reading

Claire Lamanna and Jubi Oneyama from the Endeavor Academy – ACIM Lesson 251

Claire Lamanna and Jubi Oneyama Claire Lamanna and Jubi Oneyama from the Endeavor Academy share beautifully; “The Truth is simple, God Is here, God is Now, and really completely available but for the asking. There really is nothing else but God. The only thing we have suffered from is the idea that we were somehow separated from Him.” Continue Reading

David Fishman and Susanne Dau-Kayser

David Fishman and Susanne Dau-Kayser  As our beloved Dov begins treatment for cancer, Susanne Dau-Kayser & David Fishman share about the only true choice one can make:  “Choices we make identify with body or Spirit; there is no in-between, they meet nowhere.”   Continue Reading

Lisa Cairns – Sharing from a Cafe in India

Lisa Cairns – Sharing from a Cafe in India Lisa Cairns speaks about the ego thought system, and the falling away of attachments. She guides the listener into a beautiful process of  “naturally letting go” – in which she uses her personal life to illustrate this process. Continue Reading

Robyn Busfield – The Way of Mastery, Chapter 6

It is the ego that doesn’t want to question and look at the ego thought system. In this audio, Robyn Busfield shares how we can look. Through looking, we see the seemingly separate identity as illusion. Robyn uses The Way of Mastery, Lesson 6, as one teaching that helps us see through confusion with the eyes… Continue Reading

Lisa Natoli & Bill Free – Awakening Through Teaching

Lisa Natoli and Bill Free talk about the joy of teaching in the online gathering room and how it has changed their lives. Lisa has been a regular teacher for many years and is now stepping down to concentrate on her new foundation and working with Teachers of God. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Cindy Teevens – Alchemy of Love

Cindy Teevens talks about “The Joyful Way to Radical Forgiveness Without Healing the Past or Controlling Thoughts”. Cindy has a radical approach to forgiveness and realizing that what you thought has never really happened. Cindy uses a method she calls the Alchemy of Love. Six years after the violent suicide of her father, in one… Continue Reading

Barbara Siegel – Remaining with the heart

Barbara Seigal reflects on contemplation, repetition and paying attention to the heart. Barbara leads our Daily Quote Contemplation group every Wednesday night at 10 PM Eastern. Listen to this audio Click here for more information about our daily contemplation meetings Continue Reading

Julie Gillespie – Healing with Way of Mastery

Julie Gillespie shares her experiences with a wonderful healing exercise from Chapter 3 of The Way of Mastery. Listen to Julie walk us through this exercise and learn how Forgiveness Heals. Click to listen Continue Reading

Lenny Rose – You cannot see two worlds

Lenny Rose shares his vision of the world and our relationships. “The world you see must be denied, for sight of it is costing you a different kind of vision. You cannot see both worlds, for each of them involves a different kind of seeing, and depends on what you cherish.” T.13.7.2 “True denial is… Continue Reading

Sheryl Valentine – Brain Tumor Chronicles

Dr Sheryl Moore Valentine has been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. A long time spiritual student and teacher, she discusses the impact of her diagnoses on her life and her spiritual practice. This is an uplifting and inspiring talk by one of our most beloved teachers and friends. Click to listen Continue Reading

Lyn Johnson – The Good Shepherd

Lyn Johnson shares from a Psalm of David, Psalms 23. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Yea, though I walk… Continue Reading

Lorri Coburn – Looking at hidden attack

Lorri’s insightful sharing about hidden attack helps us look honestly at when we may be attacking while we thought we were being nice. Subtle seeing such as this helps us shift from the wrong mind to the right mind instead of staying in the wrong mind through denial. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Julie Gillespie – The Way of Mastery

Reverend Julie Gillespie shares her authentic experiences with The Way of Mastery. She ends the sharing with the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic as given to Jayem, the scribe of the Way of Mastery. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Joe Wolfe – Letting go of the thinking mind

Joe Wolfe, writer, author, speaker and teacher of A Course in Miracles speaks about letting go of the thinking mind. Listen to this audio Joe is the founder of Spirit Light Outreach and sends Books and magazines (like Miracles Magazine) to people who need them most. They deliver them to prisoners, 12 steppers, aged and… Continue Reading

Tey Seaver – In love with everything

Tey Seaver shares brilliantly on falling in love with everything – living in the Holy Instant and listening to Love – embracing every thought and saying YES!! Ahhhh!, Sitting with what is and smelling the sweetness. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Susan Dugan

Susan Dugan shares on ACIM workbook lesson 186, “The Salvation of the world depends on me.” Enjoy 1 hour of clear basic sharing on FORGIVENESS, the earthly form of Love. Susan is the author of two books: Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness Visit Susan Dugan’s blog Continue Reading

Gentleness – Lyn Johnson

Lyn Johnson discusses the characteristics of Tolerance and Gentleness that are the hallmarks of a Teacher of God.  Only the trusting can afford to give up judgment, to accept their brothers with honesty and tolerance and to be open enough to be gentle. This teaching is based on A Course in Miracles Manual for Teachers. Listen… Continue Reading

At the Feet of the Source – Tey Seaver

Tey Seaver shares BRILLIANTLY from NTI 1 Corinthians as she exposes the tiny temptations we harbor in our mind to differ with our brother/sister as a way to stay “divided” against our Self. An empty shell, free from ALL alien thoughts and attachments IS the Peace of God. Listen to this audio Continue Reading

Regina Dawn Akers teaches from “The Teachings of Inner Ramana”

Beginning on July 21, 2013, Regina will teach from her book, The Teachings of Inner Ramana, in our online gathering room. This series will be held live in the room each Sunday at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. We are featuring the first teaching from this series on our website. The remainder of the… Continue Reading

Magdi Em Be

Magdi Em Be guides us to look at perception carefully, with awareness, so that we notice there is no separation between what is perceived and the perceiver. Listen to this 40 minute audio. Contemplative thoughts written by Magdi are featured regularly on Regina’s Awakening Together Inspirational Feed in Facebook. Continue Reading

Sheryl Valentine speaking on brain cancer

On Friday, July 5, Sheryl was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On July 7, doctors operated. Now Sheryl begins the journey that follows surgery. She addressed the assembly for the first time on July 15, only one week after surgery. Enjoy this brief audio. Listen to all of Sheryl’s teachings through her audio library. Also… Continue Reading